How To Flash KDZ/TOT Firmwares To LG Phones

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LG phone firmwares can be downloaded in KDZ and TOT file formats which can also be flashed with the flash tool.

If you want to flash an LG phone in other to Upgrade, Downgrade or Fix any known software issue on it, you can download either the KDZ or TOT file of the exact phone model.

Download LG Firmwares

Tutorial To Flash KDZ/TOT Firmwares To LG Phones

  • Download latest LG USB Drivers – Download
  • Download LG Flashtool – Download
  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Run LGFlashTool2014.exe file to Open LG Flash Tool. If it doesn’t run, then you will have to install and run visual C++ runtime library. To install visual C++, check Here

Now put your LG phone in Download mode. 

How to Enter Download Mode on LG Smart Phones


  1. Your phone must be turned off before starting the steps from this guide.
  2. So, press power button and select power off or remove and reinsert the battery if your phone’s battery is removable.
  3. Then, press and hold the volume up button on your LG phone.
  4. While you are holding the volume up button, plug in your phone’s USB cable.
  5. Keep pressing the Volume up button until the download mode is displayed.
[Image: Lg kdz firmwares download and flashing tutorial


  • Once LG Flashtool is installed,open it.
  • Now click on the folder icon after Select KDZ file to load your firmware in kdz format.

Flashes without wiping data but only do this when you need to fix system error or something to avoid getting error when flashing a firmware other than the one already in the phone.

Wipes user data, resets phone to factory state and installs new firmware.
Choose whatever option that suits your needs.
  • Now click on Start

Lg kdz firmwares archive flashtool tutorial

  • No need to select language it will change to english by default but you can cure your curiosity and choose. 
  • Now wait untill 100% which means everything is done. 
Lg kdz tot firmwares download flashing

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