How To Flash .Pac File To Spreadtrum Devices

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Spreadrum phones are among the very popular phones around us. Their chips are used on both feature and smartphones.

When these devices become faulty software wise, the need arises to fix them using the manufacturer’s tool.

To successfully flash .Pac files to ‘Spreadtrum‘ phones like Itel, Mhorse, Innjoo, BML, etc, please follow the instructions below.


  • A windows PC
  • Spreadtrum Device e.g Itel
  • Spreadtrum driver (download from post)
  • A good USB cable
  • Flash file in .Pac format.
  • Spreadtrum Upgrade tool [Research / Upgrade Download]

How To Flash Spreadtrum .Pac File To Spd Devices

  • Download .pac firmware for your device
  • Download and extract Upgrade / Research Download Tool to any location on your computer. After extracting, open the ‘Research / Upgrade download folder and open the file; Research Download.exe
flash .pac file to spreadtrum devices
  • The program will then launch. Click on the Settings Icon [Load Packet] at the top left.
flash .pac file to spreadtrum devices
  • In the next menu, locate and select the .pac file you wish to flash.
flash .pac file to spreadtrum devices
  • After the .pac file has been loaded completely, click on the Play Icon to start the flashing.
flash .pac file to spreadtrum devices
  • Now turn off or remove and reinsert the battery of your Spreadtrum phone. While pressing ‘Volume UP or DOWN button or even both, connect the USB cable to the PC to begin flashing.
flash .pac file to spreadtrum device
  • The process will begin and all of the partitions will be flashed one after another until you will get a Pass notification.
flash .pac file to spreadtrum devices
  • Your phone may automatically restart or you can manually do it.


If research or upgrade download is showing waiting instead of flashing, click here to troubleshoot the problem.


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