How To Flash Samsung Android Stock ROMs Via Odin

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If you have downloaded the stock ROM of your Samsung Android device and don’t know how to flash it, here is a very simple and up to date tutorial to help you flash stock firmware, custom or stock recovery, custom ROMs, kernels and other stuffs that are compatible or in the supported file formats ( .bin .tar .md5 .smd .gz .tgz)

Most of the firmware files for Samsung are in .md5 format and can be easily flashed using Samsung’s own tool; Odin. Odin is very simple to use, small sized and doesn’t have compatibility issues.

You can also use Odin to root, unroot, unbrick and repair software issues on your Samsung Android device.

Well without much ado, let’s learn how to flash stock firmware as well as other compatible files via Odin flashing tool.


Requirements To Flash Samsung Firmware



Guide To Flash Stock ROMs To Samsung Android Devices Via Odin

Step 1.  After downloading the stock ROM, unzip it to get the original file in .md5 .tar .gz or .tgz format.
Step 2.   Extract the Odin and place it on your desktop for easy access.
Step 3.   Launch the Odin312.exe in the extracted folder.
To flash Samsung device, Launch Odin

Step 4.   Odin should now open. If the Stock ROM just has one file in any of the above formats e.g, .md5, click on AP button.

How to flash samsung firmware- odin click on AP button

Step 5.   Now locate the folder of the Samsung stock ROM and select the firmware file (mostly in .md5 )or any other compatible format. Then click “Open”.

How to flash samsung odin 3.12.3 select md5 firmware

Step 6.   Wait for Odin to load the firmware file(s) and you should see Leave CS when all is ready.

How to flash samsung firmware-odin 3.12 file loading status

Step 7.   Put your Samsung phone in download mode by pressing Volume down + Power + Home button.  You will get a warning but just press the Volume Up button to proceed into the download mode.

Note: Make sure the settings in the Options Tab matches the one in this image.  What I mean is, tick only ‘Auto-Reboot and ‘F-Reset Time‘.
Odin download tick Auto reboot and F reset time only

You should now be in download mode where you will find your original model / product name, system status etc.

Step 8.   Connect your device to the PC. You should now see the blank ID:COM status change to blue and “added” in the logs which means the device has been detected.

Step 9.   Click on the Start button and connect your Samsung device while in Download Mode to begin the flashing process.

How to flash samsung firmware- Odin click on the Start button to begin flashing

 At this point, don’t tamper with the USB cable so as not to brick your device (Firmware Upgrade Has Encountered An Issue)
The flashing process will begin by flashing all of the partitions one after the other until its completed (Pass)

How To Flash Samsung Android Stock ROMs Via Odin

Your Samsung device will automatically reboot and boot up the newly installed firmware.

Note:   If you have boot-up issues, try factory resetting in recovery – (Volume Up + Home + Power) or flash another version of the stock ROM if the phone does not boot up.


If you have any issue, kindly let us know via the comment box below.


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