How To Flash CoolPad Firmware Via YGDP Tool

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YGDP Tool is the official firmware flashing tool for CoolPad devices. YGDP tool is unique in functionality because it supports firmwares in .CPB format.

Like SP flashtool for MTK, Research Download for Spreadtrum, Odin for Samsung Galaxy, Sony Flashtool for Xperia etc, YGDP Tool is for Coolpad smart devices.

If you have a Coolpad device, whether it’s powered by a Qualcomm or Mediatek chip, you can comfortably flash firmwares to it via YGDP Tool.

For those with Coolpad MTK devices, there’s a tutorial I shared some time ago which will teach you how to flash Coolpad device .CPB firmwares via SP Flashtool. You can check it here




  • Always endeavor to have a stock backup of your stock firmware or its core partitions before flashing another ROM.
  • Do not flash an incompatible firmware to your Coolpad device or else you might risk bricking your device, lose network connectivity, etc
  • Use original USB cables for flashing.
  • Do not for any reason interrupt an ongoing flashing process until it’s successfully completed.

By the way, you were the one that started it. So, wait or risk bricking your device ):


How To Flash CoolPad Firmware Via YGDP Tool



To get things ready before successfully flashing your Coolpad with it’s stock firmware, follow the instructions below.

  1. Download YGDP Tool latest version – Download
  2. Extract YGDP Tool to your PC.
  3. Download Coolpad stock firmware for your device. CoolPad stock ROMs here. You can also request for Coolpad firmwares in that post.
  4. Extract stock ROM too to get .cpb file which is the firmware.


How To Flash CoolPad Firmware Via YGDP Tool

How To Flash CoolPad Firmware Via YGDP Tool

Flashing Tutorial


If the above requirements have been met, you can proceed with the flashing tutorial below.

  1. Go to the folder where you extracted YGDP Tool and launch YGDPC.exe (YGDP_Setup_V5.00>Tool>YGDP.exe)
  2. Select Customer, Developer or Assembly and click on Login.YGDP Tool Coolpad Customer
  3. Click on Config button at the top left.YGDP Tool Coolpad Click CONFIG BUTTON
  4. Click on the folder icon after Please select CPB file.YGDP Tool Coolpad select cpb firmware
  5. In the next window, locate and select the CoolPad .CPB firmware from the stock ROM you extracted and click Open.YGDP Tool Coolpad select CPB File
  6. Still waiting for me? Click on Apply.YGDP Tool Coolpad select CPB File apply
  7. Wait for YGDP TOOL to load the files.YGDP Tool loading CPB file
  8. Once YGDP TOOL has finished loading the files successfully, you should see Verify Data File Ok at the bottom left.YGDP Tool Verify Data file ok
  9. Click on START button at the top.YGDP Tool Click on start button
  10. We are almost done! Turn off your Coolpad device and wait for it to turn off completely.
  11. Now press and hold Volume Up (Vol +) button before connecting your device to the PC via a USB cable.
  12. When your device (Coolpad) is connected properly, you should see Cell 0 become Yellow.YGDP Tool device connected
  13. Wait until the flashing process is completed successfully. You will see a progress bar at the left which will turn green at 100% to notify you when the firmware has been flashed.YGDP Tool download progressYGDP Tool download completed
  14. You can now unplug your device.

It was easy right? If you find this useful, please share and also drop your comments.


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