Credits is a tech blog that provides trending tutorials, downloads(Android stock firmwares), apps, tech reviews e.t.c In this regard, we sometimes share products or files from Third Parties so as to give our Esteemed Visitors the Best without much Stress.

In this regard, we sometimes share products or files from third parties so as to give our esteemed visitors the best without much stress.

Most of the firmwares shared here are completely official apart from custom ROMs or custom recoveries. Below is a list of all the sources of some or a good number of firmwares on this Blog.

We really appreciate the work done by these people and are only sharing it via this blog. All credit goes to them.

If you find anything related to the above that has violated your copyright policies or without due credits, please kindly Contact Us & we would do what’s necessary.

Hovatek,,, XDA Forum, Boycracked, Romkingz, RepairMyMobile, Leakite, Tsar3000, GEM-FLASH, SAMSONY etc are all sources of some of the ROMs shared here.

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