Download Wiko Stock ROMs / Firmwares

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Below are stock and latest firmwares for all Wiko Android devices and instructions on how to flash the firmware to your Wiko device.

The firmwares below can be used to fix boot loop, restart, virus infection, slow operation etc. Please download the firmware that matches your Wiko device and also follow the instructions to flash it successfully.

Collection Of Wiko Stock ROMs / Firmwares



How To Flash Stock ROM To Your Wiko Phone


After downloading the above firmware for your Wiko phone, Click Here to learn how to flash it using Sp Flashtool.

  • Alternatively, If after unzipping the Wiko Stock ROM and you find a .exe with your Wiki phone’s model as the name, just launch the app and wait for it to load.
  • When it loads, click on the Download icon and connect your phone. (Switched Off with battery)
  • Wait for the download progress to get up to hundred percent and a notification that you can now unplug your phone.
  • Your phone should now be okay and running on stock.

You can also copy the ROM and scatter file if you wish.

  •  Go to the firmware folder, open your device firmware name (folder), and open the folder named ‘ROM‘.
  • You will find all the files like scatter file, recovery, boot, preloader etc. You can copy and save them if you wish.

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