CallerFeel Is Now On Glo And MTN Network

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There’s good news for all the Glo/Globacom customers or subscribers. But before unleashing the news, let me explain something for the benefit of those who might not be too familiar with the service.

CallerFeel as MTN calls it, is a service that enables you display unique messages to your callers in real time as they dial your number.

This Is How It Works:

You type any message you want your callers to see when they call you, send to a specific service number, then when someone calls, as the phone is ringing or playing the caller-tune, your personalized message will be displayed on the caller’s screen.
CallerFeel Now On Glo And MTN Network

This is a pretty good addition to the service which, if properly used can be a very special tool. Now let me show you how you can setup Caller-Feel on (MTN) and Your  Mood Your Status on (Glo). They are actually the same thing, but with different names.

Let me start with Glo, the data bundle King.


How To Setup Or Activate CallerFeel (Ur Mood, Ur Status) On Glo Network

Glo has not left her subscribers out in this area. If you are using Glo, you can also enjoy the CallerFeel(Your Mood Your Status Service) right away.

Your Mood UR Status!

Whats’ your mood, Happy, Sad, Romantic or Cheerful? Let your callers know. Set your Status to show up in real-time now. To activate CallerFeel (Your Mood Your Staus) On Glo, sms ‘MYSTATUS’ to 48336. The charge is just N50 per month.


How To Setup Or Activate CallerFeel On MTN Network


If I am not mistaken, MTN was the first to rollout the CallerFeel service to its subscribers. Well, even if it’s an old news, some people are not yet aware of it. MTN CallerFeel is a service that allows you express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers phone screen when they call your line.

The message will appear as a pop-up notification. You can also use smileys and emoticons to make your message more exciting. It can be likened to the way we update status messages on BBM, Facebook and Twitter.

Quick Question ❓

How do I set up my MTN CallerFeel?


You have to register by texting ‘REG’ to 50016. Registration costs N50/month and allows for 25 updates for the month. Text YES to 50016 to enjoy the 7 day free trial offer. Service will be renewed at N30/week.


How do I personalize my MTN CallerFeel message?


To personalize your CallerFeel, simply create your message and send it via SMS to 50016. E.g, Get mobile and Tech Updates

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How To Deactivate/Cancel CallerFeel Service


If you wish to stop the MTN CallerFeel service, its very easy. Just SMS ‘STOP’ or ‘CANCEL’ to 50016. To view your current CallerFeel status, text ‘VIEW‘ to 50016. You can find out more info about MTN CallerFeel Here. 

Benefits Of MTN and Glo CallerFeel Service


CallerFeel content can be used for various purposes such as:

  • You can use it for both personal and business adverts which will get across to so many people.
  • Display unique status messages in real-time.
  • You can use it to show your current mood/the way you are feeling. Like, ‘Can’t take calls till midnight’
  • Special messages to specific callers.
  • Display inspirational messages to all of your callers. E.g, Happy New year, Better Days Just Ahead, Mery Xmas etc.
  • Its very flexible: change your CallerFeel any time you want without too much stress.

If you haven’t started using CallerFeel on your network, please do or if you don’t mind, you can tell us why you aren’t using this wonderful service.

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