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About KriztekBlog

Kriztekblog is managed by Chris Ihechi. I am very passionate about mobile technology and always try to catch up with the latest trends.

I started this blog to steer up my craving for technology and to let the world know most of the things that are worth sharing. Every post or tutorial is specially tried and confirmed for accuracy before sharing it.

I update my blog as soon as something new is learned which makes me try to learn more and more.Most of my daily activities are related to either mobile or tech in general.

Visitors will always get the best because I personally work on the general problems one may encounter or need instructions in.

Krizte blog is mainly a tech blog that delivers hot and trending reviews, how to tutorials and tech based news. We always try to keep the fire on this blog burning by making sure our visitors get the latest on tech without compromise.


About Christian IhechiChristian Ihechi KriztekBlog

He is a passionate lover of tech, blogging and ♩♫. Loves sharing interesting and unique stuff via this blog. You can comfortably reach me via –

Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | 564317D4 | Skype: Christianihechi😐