Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Duos SM-G9287 Firmware

In this post, you will find the stock Android Marshmallow and Nougat firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ SM-G9287C Android smartphone. The firmware download link shared here can be useful in fixing firmware related issues, boot-loop, un-rooting, restore to factory defaults, malware infection and to also upgrade your firmware.

To flash the firmware, follow the Samsung Android firmware flashing tutorial in Athis post. This firmware is only compatible with the specified device(Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ SM-G9287C) and would brick any other device if used.

If you find any issue with the download link or whatever, kindly let us know via the comment box.


Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ SM-G9287C Firmware

Android VersionModel NameModelManufacturerRegion/BasebandDownload Link
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungXTC G9287CDXS3CQH1Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungXTC G9287CDXU3CQG4Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungGLB G9287CDXU3CQG4Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungXME G9287CDXU3CQG4Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungSMA G9287CDXS3CQF1Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungXTC G9287CDXS3CQF1Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungXME G9287CDXS3CQF1Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungGLB G9287CDXS3CQF1Download
Nougat 7.0Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungXTC G9287CDXS3CQD1Download
Marshmallow 6.0.1Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungSMA G9287CDXS3BQA1Download
Marshmallow 6.0.1Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungGLB G9287CDXS3BQA1Download
Marshmallow 6.0.1Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G9287CSamsungXTC G9287CDXS3BQA1Download

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