How To Bypass FRP On New Samsung Galaxy Devices

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FRP which is also known as Factory Reset Protection is a security feature on Android lollipop devices and above that protects it from theft or unauthorized setup. FRP is triggered when you reset the phone via recovery or any other method while there’s a signed-in Google account in the device.

It’s very popular nowadays since most people are getting devices with newer Android versions. Like in previous tutorials, I explained how one can successfully bypass FRP on Samsung devices without much stress. Although the method doesn’t work on all the Samsung devices, it still works on some.

In this post I will show you how to bypass FRP on recent Samsung Android devices without using a flashing box like NCK, Miracle Box, Z3X, without OTG, without SideSync, without Smart Switch etc. You don’t need any combination file to achieve this. All you have to do is, get a PC and the necessary apps to get the job done.

The device I used in making this tutorial is a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime + SM-G532F, running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with security patch level dated 1 October, 2016. The device uses a MediaTekMT6735 Chipset and does its job smoothly.

I wanted to bypass it as fast as possible because the client wasn’t residing in my state. After trying Z3X, Miracle Box, NCK etc, I decided to do it manually using the popular method.

If you are ready, let’s begin.


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How To Bypass FRP On New Samsung Galaxy Devices


Kindly follow the method outlined here and you should be able to bypass FRP on your new Samsung galaxy device.

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy device with FRP.
  2. Connect to a Wifi Hotspot.
  3. In the welcome screen, triple tap(3 times) the Home button to turn on Talk back. Other devices might have their own hardware key to turn on TalkBack. E.g, pressing and holding the power button,
  4. Wait a while and then draw anshape on the screen.Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy Devices
  5. Now a list should appear. (Global Context Menu). Tap on Text-to-speech Settings, then double tap on it to launch.
  6. You should now see another Menu tagged Text-to-speech settings. Now triple tap the Home button again to turn of Talk Back. If you don’t, you would probably be using the phone like a blind person.
  7. Click on the back arrow button < at the top, before Text-to-speech settings <  Language and input < General Management <  Settings
  8. You should now be in Settings, scroll down and click on User manual.
  9. In the browser that opens, tap on the address bar and type samsung galaxy apps and hit the search button.
  10. Click on the first search result.>levant>galaxyapps
  11. In the next page that loads, tap on the Samsung Galaxy Apps logo just before the social share icons.
  12. Samsung Apps should now launch. Accept/tick the terms and conditions and click on Start.
  13. Click Yes to accept push notifications.
  14. In the search box, type es file and select es file explorer from the list.
  15. Click on the Download icon after the app.
  16. Sign in or create a Samsung account if you don’t have one.
  17. After successfully signing in, click ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD.
  18. After the app has downloaded and installed, click on the play icon to launch/open it.
  19. Cancel the update notification.

Note: Do not close ES File explorer.

Now download the following files to your PC.

  • Google Account Manager for Android 6 Marshmallow.apk – Download
  • QSM – Quick Shortcut Maker.apk – Download


  • Connect your galaxy device to the PC and copy the two files to its internal storage.
  • The apps should now show up in es file explorer. If it doesn’t, click the refresh button.
  • Tap on the Google Account Manager 6.0 and install it.
  • Next, tap on the Quick Shortcut Maker and install it as well. You will need to mark Unknown Sources to permit installation of apps not directly downloaded from the Google play store.
  • Click open when QSM installs.

In the QSM menu, tap on the search box and input google.

  • In the list that will show up, tap the Google Account Manager (Type email and Password)
  • In the next menu, tap on Try.
  • You will then be taken to a page asking you to enter your password.
  • Tap on the 3 dots at the top right and select Browser sign in.
  • In the next page, enter a working Gmail account email, click next and enter the password.
  • If the details are correct, you will be redirected to Quick Shortcut Maker app.
  • You can now restart the device and set it up without the FRP barrier.


If you were able to use this method successfully on your Samsung Galaxy device, kindly drop a comment with your device model.


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