Download Tecno W3 Clone SPD Firmware

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Got a Tecno W3 and you just found out it’s a clone? No problem. Clone devices aren’t that bad you know.

In this post, you will find download links for the Tecno W3 firmware. Mind you, this firmware is for not for the MTK Tecno W3 clone but for the Spreadtrum version.

The ROM should not be used on any other SPD phone unless the Tecno W3. Even if you have a Tecno W3 clone SPD device, before hitting the flash button, do check your device hardware and software specifications. Alternatively, drop a comment for assistance.

Below are the SW/HW specs of the Tecno W3 clone.

  1. As the tag implies, the clone’s UI looks like that of the original and needs some closer look to identify it properly.
  2. The battery connector is different from the original.
  3. The sim tray is also something far from the original Tecno W3.

Brand : TECNO
Model : TECNO-W3
CPU : sp7731ceb
IntName : sp7731ceb_dt_oversea
Android Version : 5.1
Compile/Build Time : 9/27/2016 2:56:43 AM
Build Number : QT23-25-7731-V04-20160927

If you are certain, you can now download the W3 clone firmware below.

Note: If you can, backup your stock ROM before flashing a fresh firmware.

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Tecno W3 Clone SPD firmwareDownload


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