Glo has reduced their data plans and increased the costs


To those that have been using Glo Nigeria as their universal modem for browsing, downloading, streaming and even sharing, there’s news for you.

I can’t say if this is good news or not since it’s popularly said that “one man’s food is another man’s poison”

It’s not news that Glo is the data king when it comes to data subscriptions and the cost. To put it straight, they have the most affordable data plans that no network can dare compete.

Let me take you down memory lane.

Glo used to give 3.5GB data for just 1,000 naira to expire in 1 month and also a mouth watering 10GB of data for just 2,500 naira only, still for a month. If you wish to remind yourself of those good days, kindly check this post on Glo data plans and costs.

Now it’s time to unleash the bomb.

Glo just secretly, without any prior information, reduced their data bundles to something fearful and at the same time, increased the cost to something more fearful. Ha-ha, I naturally like laughing.

If you haven’t exhausted your current data package, you might need to do consultations before anything else. The new data plan from Glo as on 27th April, 2017 is something worth thinking about, sharing and consoling one another.

As at the time of publishing this post, Globacom has drastically retouched all of their data packages and costs. The data allocation is now very low while the cost is now high as compared to the previous setup. Let me list the new Glo data plans and images to stand as witnesses.


Glo New Monthly Data Plans And Prices


Below is the list of the revised Glo data packages and their prices. Kindly go through the list and make your new choice. Let me start from the most used Glo data plans.

  1. N1000 = 1.6GB, 30 Days
  2. N2000 = 3.75GB, 30 Days
  3. N2000 = 2GB+2.5GB on Campus+N2000 Airtime+500Mb data to Gift 30 Days
  4. N2500 = 5GB 30 Days
  5. N3000 = 6GB 30 Days


 Glo new data plans prices


For those high / heavy data users, they weren’t spared at all. Below is what Glo just retouched for them.


  1. N15000 = 30GB 30 Days
  2. N18000 = 45GB 30 Days
  3. N6000 = 12GB 100 Hrs with weekends
  4. N15000 = 12GB 300 Hrs with weekends


Glo New Data Cap Could Make You Cry


I told you I would be listing all of them, so you know your data group. More of the official Glo new data plans and their prices.

  1. N4000 = 8GB 30 Days
  2. N5000 = 12GB 30 Days
  3. N5000 = 5GB+6.25GB on Campus + N5000 Airtime + 1.2GB 30 Days
  4. N8000 = 16GB 30 Days


Glo reduces data allocation and increases costs


Well, there’s no need to panic. Yes, I am serious. Glo wasn’t like this before, if they decide to change today, it could be for a reason and also for a while. I will advise that you manage it the way it’s until something better comes up.

To confirm it, quickly dial *777#, you can ask someone to read the results for you.

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