How To Get More Data On Glo Without Paying Much

How To Get More Data On Glo Without Paying Much


It’s no longer news that Glo has cut down the amount of data allocated to users while keeping the price unchanged. If you don’t understand, here’s a quick explanation.

Before now, Glo use to allocate 3.2GB of data for N1000 to expire within 30 days while now, it has been reduced to 1.6GB for the same 1000 naira. Hmm!

Even the popular 10GB which goes for 2500 naira has been slashed to 5GB, but still at the same price.

Since the cost of purchasing the newly laid down data might be high on a good number of Nigerians, I decided to do some little research. Below, I will show you how you can still get 3.2GB of data for N1000 which will also expire within 30 days.

Don’t be in a hurry, I will take my time to expose the trick to get 3.2GB data for 1000 naira. If you don’t share this after reading, it won’t work for you. Just joking, but please share.



How To Get More Data On Glo Without Paying Much

Get 3.2GB on Glo for less.

The trick is very simple, to get more data(3.2GB) from Glo at this critical period for 1000 Naira, you will have to do this.

  1. Make sure you are not owing Glo.
  2. Dial *321# and send it.
  3. EnterĀ  2 and send it to Borrow Data
  4. You will now see various options like 1.6GB for 500 naira 30 days.How To Get More Data On Glo Without Paying Much
  5. Quickly press 5 and tap Send to get 3.2GB = N1000 for 30 Days.
  6. You should now receive a message confirming your 3.2GB for 1000 naira has been successfully activated.Get 3.2GB from Glo still at 1000 naira for 30 Days.
  7. You will also get a message to reconfirm it.Get 3.2GB on Glo for less.
  8. The next time you want another or have exhausted the data, just load 1000 naira(they will deduct it to settle your debt), and then borrow again.
  9. Enjoy while it lasts and pray that Glo shouldn’t visit this area.


Please share to save someone’s data life. Comment if it helped you.

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