Get Your Own Free Hovatek T-shirt + 2-in-1 Pen

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Hello, it’s just another lucky day you might have been praying for. And another important thing, this lucky day won’t just elapse suddenly but will continue for a while.

Let me refresh your memory especially those that aren’t very familiar with the name Hovatek.

Actuallyif you own a phone or a smartphone (Mediatek, SPD, Qualcomm etc) that had given you issues and you wanted to do it yourself, you must have probably come across the name Hovatek.

Well, Hovatek is a giant tech forum that has a lot of tutorials on fixing both software and hardware issues on smartphones, computers and other tech gadgets.

The forum members are very open to assisting and that’s why the community is a real solution base for the tech savvies.

A quick question for you.

How would you feel if you are putting on a branded Hovatek T-Shirt or using their 2-in-1 Pen + Stylus? Don’t worry, I know how it feels like.

Ok, now the good news is, It’s another season of free Hovatek T-shirts.

 Hovatek gives away branded items from time to time and it’s yet another opportunity to get your Hovatek T-shirt & 2-in-1 Pen (Pen + Stylus for touchscreen devices).

The most interesting part is that items will be shipped to qualifying members for free. Yes, for free!

Hmm. I see you are thinking about what it takes to qualify. Don’t be too bordered about the qualifying thing, it doesn’t take much to be qualified.


The winners are mostly selected from active members or followers at their Forum, Blog, Journal or Social Media pages. This time around, some T-shirts will go to those who listen to and participate on H-Tech Radio.
I think listening/participating in the H-Tech Radio is the fastest way to be qualified.
H-Tech Radio is a project Team Hovatek is currently working on and you are welcome to contribute your ideas and suggestions by sending them to [email protected].

How do I know my T-shirt size?

Simply grab a tape rule and follow this guide on how to know my Hovatek T-shirt size. It’s pretty straightforward.

Can I place an order (to pay) for a Hovatek T-shirt?

Oh no, you can’t. Hovatek T-shirts aren’t yet available for order, only free giveaways at the Team’s discretion. Don’t feel bad, after all, the free Hovatek T-Shirt and a 2-in-1 Pen/Stylus is free and also ships to your doorstep for free.
Good Luck!

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