Download LG V10i MT6580 Stock Firmware

Got this LG V10i MT6580 phone? In this post, the firmware for this phone model can be downloaded. The firmware shared here is completely stock, without root and can be flashed successfully via SP Flashtool.


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To make sure everything goes well and safely, let’s take a look at the device’s specs. This is just for comparison so that you don’t flash the ROM to an incompatible device.

  • Make sure the image above is exactly like yours.
  • This is firmware is the LG V10i clone and not the LG V10 MT6572 clone.
  • The Android version in About phone is 5.1 while the real thing is 4.4.2

Aside from all those stuff, just make sure you are flashing the ROM to the correct phone.

LG V10i MT6580 STOCK ROM – Download


As usual and for your convenience, this ROM can be flashed via SP Flashtool. Click here to learn how to use SP flash tool for MediaTek firmware flashing.


 If you encounter issues please drop a comment.

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