Download Latest iPhone iOS IPSW Files

Download Latest iPhone iOS 10.3.1 / 10.2.1 IPSW Files

Download Latest iPhone iOS IPSW Files

Got an iPhone? This post is for you. Here you can download the latest firmware (IPSW) for all iPhones, both old and new.

The iPhone IPSW files shared here are directly from Apple servers which have a lot of benefits like, faster downloads, signed IPSW, resumable and also safer.

You can use the latest iOS IPSW file to upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS version, restore it to factory default or fix any other software issue, recover it from a failed restore(recovery loop) and a whole lot of others.

Flashing the IPSW firmware is very simple and you can find the steps at the end of the post.

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Download Latest iPhone iOS 10.3.1 / 10.2.1 IPSW Files

Below is a collection of the latest iOS 10 IPSW files for all iPhones. Kindly download the one that corresponds to your Apple iPhone.

Make sure to download via WiFi or a very fast internet connection because the files are large.

Although the download links are resumable, you can download via a download manager but do not pause the download for too long or the file might get corrupted and wouldn’t be usable.

iPhone 7 latest ios ipsw firmware Latest iPhone iOS IPSW Files

  • iPhone 7 Plus (Global) iOS 10.2.1 – Download
  • iPhone 7 Plus (GSM) iOS 10.2.1 – Download
  • iPhone 7 (GSM) iOS 10.2.1 – Download
  • iPhone 7 (Global) – Download
  • iPhone 7 iOS(iPhone9,1) 10.3.1 – Download
  • iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone9,2) iOS 10.3.1 – Download
  • iPhone 7 (iPhone9,3) iOS 10.3.1 – Download
  •  iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone9,4) iOS 10.3.1 – Download

iPhone SE latest ios ipsw firmware file

iPhone 6 6s latest ios ipsw firmware download

iPhone 5 5c 5s latest ios ipsw firmware

iPhone 4 4s latest ipsw ios firmware

iPhone 3G 3Gs 2G latest ios ipsw firmware

How To Flash iPhone IPSW Files Via iTunes

how to flash iphone via itunes install ios ipsw firmware restore


Flashing or re-installing your iPhone’s firmware is pretty easy. And I mean it!

Let me show you how you can reinstall your iPhone’s firmware or lets say, how you can upgrade your iPhone, fix recovery loop issues using the ipsw file. In case you don’t know, IPSW simply means iPhone Software.


Let’s begin!

You need to download the latest version of iTunes. It’s available for both Mac and Windows PCs.

With iTunes installed on your PC, you can comfortably transfer media files, update your Apple device and do so many things without stress.

The tutorial below will show you how to restore an iPhone with the IPSW file.

  • Download the latest version of iTunes here. After Downloading, click on the file and install it. At the time of publishing this post, iTunes 12.5.5 was the latest.
  • Download the latest IPSW file for your Apple iPhone and save it on your PC.
  • Use original USB cable and connect your iPhone to the PC / computer. If your device is locked or disabled, you might need to unlock it before iTunes can access it. If you forgot your passcode, put your iPhone in Recovery Mode to enable iTunes access it properly.


To put your iPhone in recovery mode,


  1. Press and hold the Power(Sleep/Wake) button until you see the Slider to turn off your iPhone. Wait until it goes off.
  2. Press and hold the Home button before connecting the USB cable to the PC / your iPhone. You should now be in the recovery screen which looks like the image to put iphone in recovery mode itunes
  3. Itunes should now launch and ask you to Update / Restore your device. If iTunes doesn’t launch automatically, you can manually open it by yourself.
  4. Itunes should now detect your iPhone in recovery mode.
  5. To install the IPSW you downloaded, press and hold the Shift Key (If you are using a Windows PC) or the Option Key (If you are using a Mac PC) and then click on Restore/Update.
  6. Locate and select the IPSW file you downloaded and click Open.
  7. iTunes will start unpacking/extracting the IPSW file. If the download was successful, the file would extract successfully and then your iPhone would reboot and installation would begin.
  8. It takes a while, just relax and allow it to do its job.
  9. Your iPhone will boot up when all is done.

If you encounter any error or issue, please let’s know via the comments.

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