LG VS950 Hard Reset, Bypass Activation And No Network / Service Solution

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lg vs 950 reset network bypass verizon

If you have forgotten your security lock, password or pattern, in a boot-loop or just want to wipe the data on your LG VS950, it’s pretty simple.

Factory resetting your LG VS950 will erase your user data as well as installed applications. Endeavor to backup important files on your LG Intuition before proceeding.

So if you’re ready, here’s how you can easily factory reset your LG Intuition VS950.


How To Hard Reset LG Intuition VS950


  1. Turn off your Intuition VS950.
  2. Press and hold the following keys at the same time for 5 seconds: Volume Down Key + Power/Lock Key.
  3. A prompt would appear asking you to either confirm or cancel the factory reset. Press the Power/ Lock Key to confirm or any other key to cancel.
  4. You will be prompted to confirm again. Press the Power/Lock Key one more time to confirm and perform the factory reset. Or press any other key to if you wish to cancel it.

That’s as simple as ABC. Your LG VS950 would now return to its factory state(like it was when you bought it). Now something tricky might pop up (Activation), which is what we are going to bypass.


How To Bypass Verizon Sim Activation Setup Screen On LG Intuition VS950

By default or while you are still running stock, you would be required to activate your LG VS950 after a factory reset or when you get it out of the box.

Sometimes the activation takes so long or even fails. This is what becomes an issue to most people and the need to bypass it becomes essential.

If you do not complete the setup wizard, you might not be able to access your LG VS950 as you should. Bypassing the activation wizard on the LG Intuition VS950 isn’t so hard. It requires just a few buttons and voila, your LG VS950 initial Activation screen will be skipped/bypassed.

How To Bypass Verizon Activation On LG Intuition VS950


  1. Turn off or restart your LG VS950.
  2. On the language selection screen, tap the following buttons one after another (Don’t be so slow).
  3. Volume Up, Volume Down, Back Key and then Home Key.
  4. You would then be asked if you wish to skip the activation setup.
  5. Select the appropriate button to skip it.
  6. You should now be on your device’s home screen. You can set up the Verizon activation later from the settings menu if you wish.

How To Fix No Service / Network On Verizon LG Intuition VS950


Here is another issue, although it’s not that hard to fix. If after hard resetting your LG Intuition VS950, bypassing the network activation setup and you are faced with a no service or searching for service/network, it’s also easy to fix. I actually got mine fixed using this same method and it’s still up and running.


  1. Insert your desired Sim card and turn on your LG Intuition VS950.
  2. Click on the App Apps / Application icon on your home screen to open the app drawer.
  3. Click on Setting.
  4. Click on More.
  5. Tap on Network Mode and select GSM.
  6. Now change it back to Auto or GSM / WCDMA
  7. You should now be able to access your mobile/data services.
  8. To be able to browse, make sure Data services is ‘ON’ and the correct APN settings are saved and activated.
You should now be able to use your LG VS950 to its fullest. All the above solution on hard resetting, bypassing Verizon activation and No service issue have been tested, and it worked successfully.
Try it and let us know how it goes.


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