Custom android recoveries like TWRP, CWM-ClockworkMod, Philz Touch, CTR, Cyanogen Recovery etc are more feature rich than stock recoveries.

One of the most important benefits of custom recoveries over stock is the ability to do a full firmware backup of the current OS.

The custom recovery will also allow you to restore the saved backup so as to bring back / restore your phone to its original state.

The benefits of installing a custom recovery are so numerous based on user needs. Most MediaTek smartphones users install custom recoveries on their MTK phones to enable them to install custom ROM, flash zip files and especially to achieve root access.

This comes handy if you are using any of the new Android lollipop or later devices with new SOC and those that can’t be rooted via One-Click root methods.

Also note that flashing an incompatible custom recovery to your MediaTek device can permanently or temporarily brick it, make you lose your IMEI which will result to invalid/null IMEI, cause boot-up issues as well as other malfunctions.

Having read all these, be careful not to flash a wrong custom recovery to your MTK android device.

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If you couldn’t find a compatible custom recovery for your MTK phone, kindly drop a comment with your device model/brand instead of trying to flash something different.

We would keep updating the list as new custom recoveries are being ported to existing as well as newer MTK devices.

Download Custom Recovery For All Tecno Android Phones

Download custom recovery for Tecno MTK Android
Below is a collection of working custom recoveries for all MTK Tecno Android phones. As time goes on, the list will always be updated.


Download Custom Recovery For All Infinix Android Phones

Download Custom Recovery For All Infinix Android Phones
Below is a collection of working custom recoveries for all MTK Infinix Android phones. As time goes on, the list will always be updated.
  • Infinix Hot 2 X510  (TWRP) – Download
  • Infinix Hot 3 X554  (TWRP) – Download
  • Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556  (TWRP) – Download
  • Infinix Hot 4 X557  (TWRP) – Download
  • Infinix Hot S X521  (TWRP) – Download
  • Infinix Hot Note X551  (Philz Touch) – Download
  • Infinix X551 Hot Note MT6592 (TWRP 3.0.2) – Download
  • Infinix Note 2 X600 (TWRP) – Download
  • Infinix Note 3 PRO X601  (TWRP) – Download
  • Infinix Zero 3 X552  (TWRP) – Download


Download Custom Recovery For All Elephone Android PhonesDownload custom recovery for Elehone Android devices


Download Custom Recovery For All Gionee Android Phones

 Download Custom Recovery For All GIONEE Android Phones

Looking for a working custom recovery for your Gionee MTK smartphone? Here’s a list of custom recoveries for a good number of Gionee phones. Download the recovery that matches your device and follow the flashing instruction at the post end to install the custom recovery.

Download Custom Recovery For All BLU MTK Android Phones

Download Blu Android custom recoveries

Below is a list of working custom recoveries for BLU smartphones. Custom recoveries are more feature rich than stock especially for firmware backup, installing custom ROMs, rooting etc.

Download the recovery that matches your BLU device and follow the instructions at the post end to successfully flash the recovery.

  • BLU Studio Selfie TWRP – Download
  • BLU Vivo XL TWRP – Download
  • BLU Studio Energy TWRP recovery – Download
  • BLU Studio Energy Philz recovery – Download
  • BLU Studio 5 CWM recovery – Download
  • BLU Life 8 TWRP – Download
  • BLU Energy X Plus TWRP – Download
  • BLU Vivo Air CWM recovery – Download
  • BLU Studio C Mini CWM recovery- Download
  • BLU Studio C Mini Carliv recovery – Download

Download Custom Recovery For Coolpad MTK Android Phones

Download Custom Recovery For Coolpad MTK Android Phones

Below is a list of custom recovery files for Coolpad devices with MTK chips. Only use the recovery that matches your exact device unless you know what you are doing.

Custom Recovery For Other MTK Devices

  1. Philips S358 (TWRP) – Download
  2. Walton Walpad G2i (TWRP) – Download
  3. Winds V6 (TWRP) – Download
  4. Fero A5001 (TWRP) – Download
  5. Fero A4501 (TWRP) – Download
  6. GMango X9 Plus (TWRP) – Download
  7. MI one i7s plus (TWRP) – Download
  8. Accent Speed S8 MT6580 (TWRP) – Download


You can also share your working custom recovery for your MTK device.


How To Flash Custom Recovery To Your MTK Phone

Note:  It’s your sole responsibility to flash the custom recovery meant for your MTK android phone. Flashing or messing things around would definitely brick your phone.
In as much as the files are downloaded here, we aren’t responsible for any issue, but please endeavor to follow the rules.
You might also need to unlock your Bootloader on some devices if you are using fastboot to boot/flash the custom recovery.
Mobileuncle is a very popular Android tool which is very useful for MTK phone users. To flash the custom recovery via Mobile Uncle Tools, kindly follow the steps below.
  • Download and install Mobile Uncle Tools to your phone
  • Turn off your internet connection
  • Download the “recovery.img” file and place it on your SD card or memory.
  • Open Mobile Uncle and select “Recovery Update
  • Select the custom recovery file you downloaded.
  • Flash the recovery.
  • You can now reboot into the recovery if you wish.
Flashify apk can be used to flash recovery images to your Android device without a computer. Below is how to use flashify to flash recovery images.
  • Root your device. You can try KingRoot.
  • Download Flashify and install it on your phone.
  • Put the “” in your SD card
  • Open Flashify.
  • Select “Recovery image
  • Select “Choose a file
  • Select “Flashify file manager
  • Now choose the “recovery.img” file you downloaded and proceed with the recovery flashing.
If the custom recovery you downloaded has a scatter file inside the archive, you can flash it via SP Flashtool. If you have a scatter file for the device, you can also use it. To flash the custom recovery via SP Flashtool, follow the steps below.
  • Download SP Flashtool and extract the contents to your PC
  • Copy the downloaded custom recovery and extract it to access the contents.
  • Launch SP flash tool i.e “flashtool.exe”
  • Click on “Scatter Loading”
  • Locate the scatter file from the recovery folder or load the scatter file from the device’s stock ROM.
  • Make sure the recovery is loaded and is ticked. If it’s not loaded, doubled click the recovery section, choose the custom recovery file.
  • Now click on Download in SP Flashtool.
  • Turn off your phone and connect it to the PC.
  • The recovery would be flashed to your phone.
  • Boot into recovery using Key combos (Power and Volume buttons) to avoid the custom recovery to be replaced with the stock by the phone.
  • You might need to unlock your device’s bootloader if it’s locked.
  • Install ADB / Fastboot drivers on your PC
  • Copy the custom recovery file to the same location where ADB / Fastboot is installed
  • Open a command prompt window inside the ADB folder (Right-click on an empty space and select open command window here)
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android phone and connect it to the PC.
  • Accept any USB Debugging prompt on your phone during the recovery flashing.
  • Now type

adb devices

  • in the command window and hit the enter button. Your device would be detected.
  • Type

adb reboot-bootloader

  • and hit enter button as well. Your device should now boot into fastboot / bootloader mode.
  • Now type

fastboot devices

  1. and hit enter. Your device id should now display.
  2. Type

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  1. and also hit the Enter key. Make sure the file name matches and the recovery file is placed inside the ADB / Fastboot folder.
  2. You can then boot into recovery using the proper key combination.


To successfully flash any recovery image to your compatible android using Rashr, follow the short guide below.
  • Root your device using any of the available methods e.g via Kingroot apk.
  • Download and install Rashr.
  • Copy the recovery.img file to your SD Card.
  • Open “Rashr”
  • Accept root access prompt
  • Accept the “Warning” I know the risk.
  • Select “Recovery from storage”
  • Select the recovery which you copied to your SD card.
  • Install it.

You can also backup your current recovery via Rashr so that you can re-flash it in case something goes wrong.

If you need a custom recovery for your device or assistance, just drop a comment.

179 thoughts on “Download & Install Custom Recoveries For MTK Android Devices”

    1. The Gionee M6 Lite custom recovery is not available yet. If you have the stock recovery or boot image, porting a custom recovery would be possible.

    2. hello Chris,
      can you please gimme the instructions
      on how to port a custom recovery. i have the stock recovery.i have not been able to root the device yet.have tried most of the apps for rooting including Kingroot. None is working

    3. Please I got mt6580 Cherry Mobile Touch XL 2 I got scatter link and recovery.img (stock) I want 3.1.0+ version of twrp please can you be kind enough?please email me please. Please begging you please email me if you read this.I will send you the scatter and recovery. Please

    4. the recovery.img. my stock recovery is the recovery.img in the drive. wait im gonna upload the scatter file

    5. It is not the scatter file that is important, but your stock recovery. The recovery file named “recovery.img” in your Google drive folder is not your stock recovery, it’s a TWRP Recovery(ported for your device) If I don’t have your stock recovery, porting a working TWRP may not be possible. Check properly and upload your stock recovery.

    6. okay i have the stock custom rom of my device. i have this since i always get bootlop. later i give you my stock recovery. please wait please please.

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  1. hey can you help me out by giving me phiz recovery image and stock recovery image for my homtom ht3 device? My runs on mediatek mt6580, 4x ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.30.

  2. Sir it’s running on lollipop 5.1 recovery photos how to upload in thise comment box pls Tel me
    Mt 6580 1.30ghz 4×ARM Cortex_7 GPU mali400 MP. 6 inches screen. Screen resolution 720×1280.
    Screen density.320 DPI .ram 2gb internal 32
    I see
    the recovery imege same like lenovo vibe P1 m sir.

  3. please help with a custom recovery for GIONEE M6 Lite and the way to root it. i have tried kingroot,kingo root none works. i will appreciate any help. thanks.

  4. Thank you sir
    Download from your link and flash via flashy fy app its done.
    Now mi one s7 plus running on Twrp thanks a lot
    For quick replay………
    First I take a back up its work smoothly great work sir……

    1. model: VFD1100
      Board: mt8321
      Hardware: mt6580
      Total Ram: 964 mb
      Android ver: 6.0 api 23
      kernel version: 3.18.19+(vEM9-0)
      Kernel Architecture: armv7I

    1. Huhuhu it works perfectly bro. Tried to flash a zip and it rebooted successfully. Don’t know what to say. Thank you very much. You made me realize android got hope. You’re a genius. I owe you a lot. Thank you so much.

    2. Thank you kriztekblog for this wonderful gift. Its too early for Christmas for me. More power to your team. God Bless all of you.

    3. Hope you could make this public. For those who didn’t know yet. Sharing is just a cheap to pay.okay I’ll do it. I’ll surely recommend my friends to this supportive blog.and also why are you helping people? Nice Even you don’t know us.

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  5. Hai? Any admin available? I’ve been in months searching.I got A5 2016 Samsung clone with MT6580 3.10.72 kernel.can you guys help me out?

  6. I’ll upload it later. Last night I ported a twrp. And it boot up but when I flashed custom ROM it says status 7 error. Also when I try to flash zips. It prompts bad recovery. Maybe I need latest twrp. I’ll upload my stock recovery later.

    1. Last night I’ve ported 3.1.0-0 and it booted up but every time I flashed a zip It just prompted “bad recovery, unzip, abort” something like that and also I’ve flashed a custom ROM and just Status 7 error symlinks problem.

  7. Last night I’ve ported 3.1.0-0 and it booted up but every time I flashed a zip It just prompted “bad recovery, unzip, abort” something like that and also I’ve flashed a custom ROM and just Status 7 error symlinks problem.

    1. It’s been a while. Just get the specs(Android version, kernel, CPU etc) from CPU Z apk and paste it here. You should also upload and paste the link to your Wiko Rainbow Jam stock recovery.

    1. I think someone has already ported a recovery for your device @Androidiani forum. In case touch does not work, you will need an OTG cable and a USB mouse to navigate through TWRP so as to install the SuperSU Zip for root access.
      All the files needed have been put together. Download it here and unrar the file with effeci2 as password. If you have any issue, do let me know.

  8. Respected sir
    Sir. I have allredy rooted from kingo root app.after root .I downloaded replace super user zip .and instal terminal emulater apk through ichange the super user now what can I do sir you tell me sir

  9. Respected sir

    I have already rooted via kingo apk after root I downloaded replace kinguser super su zip file flash via terminal emulater apk .now.wiko rainbow jam is chaine fire SuperSU installed with busy boy tell me what can I do sir

  10. Tested admin. It booted. But say invalid argument custpack something like that when I flashed. But successful flash. Ibflashed magisk.

  11. respected sir.
    I downnlod you given in the description from 4 Shared and extracted i worry about every times i take usb cable and mouse its problem ..i put the recovery in internel flash via flashyfy. sir amazing its seem twrp touch wow iam excited. thank you sir.wish you all the best once again thanking you.

  12. Thank You Kriztekblog’s Admins and staff. About the error I just deleted /custdata in partition. And its okay now. My only problem is I can’t transfer files in TWRP because my PC won’t detect it. Maybe a bug on TWRP. Still my purpose is flashing. Thank You so much.

  13. Respected sir.
    With your amezing help I Port a miui custom rom
    and flash .it’s done.
    Theemed Twrp with navigation button thanks many more. Sir .now I am custom rom.with no bugs.. thank you.

  14. I had this phone: Lava Iris702 (Marshmallow 6.0), which is very stubborn to root. So I need to try rooting through Recovery Mode but I couldn’t even find the recovery online.
    l saw how this forum are helping many people. (Please help me too). l need the Recovery for this phone (+ any other things recommended).

    Thank you.

  15. Kindly share a TWRP, CWM or Philz recovery for Tecno Phantom 8 please.. and perhaps, if you don’t have the time, just the stock recovery will do ! I can build it myself, but you can’t find the stock recovery for this device ANYWHERE

  16. ^^ Thanks you, really !
    Here are more precise specifications :
    Buld Number : AX8-H571B-N-171128V243

    I’m really really looking forward to that… really, I’m getting sick of using an unrooted phone. Got the Phantom 6 Plus months ago but got assaulted and yet was trying this .. problematic device to say the least.

    Cordially, regards !

    1. Okay. You might consider backing up your own stock recovery or boot.img using Sp flashtool, since the firmware for your device isn’t available now. Download the scatter file @!gqggTSxK!GOJP5VOdZKUb2sHbEvcEpid1YyOJysQVYvV_HF5zx7A and then follow the tutorial from this link
      You might not need to backup your entire firmware.. Just the recovery or boot.img.

  17. Thanks man, I’m really gratefull .. even with only providing the scatter file (Yeah I tried Miracle Box, MTKDroid .. to no avail, long ago until lately).
    But there’s the problem : this scatter file is for AX8S.. mine is AX8, as the model name I gave you earlier…. and you could find some files for the Phantom 8 on the net, but for the ‘S’ variant ..
    There’s a question of mine : since I don’t, don’t wanna brick my device, I’m asking if you could provide an AX8 scatter file … or tell me whether they’re compatible, as it’s said to have some differences, i.e. network talks, optimized for Kenya area (AX8’S’).

    Sorry for the late answer, university matters ^^’
    Thanks again !


    1. It’s okay to use the scatter file. You just have to do a readback or dump of your recovery.img and boot.img via Sp flashtool. Readback won’t brick your device. Just to be sure,you also install CPU Z to check if your chipset matches that of the provided scatter file.

  18. Hmm .. but if I’m correct, scatter gives the areas of the different parts of the ROM, their length and so on … so you’re saying the AX8’S’ and the AX8 have the exact same system components, addresses ?

  19. Hello back ! I’ve just been able to root it out, using the boot.img I created with the scatter file you provided.. you’re clearly my savior, thanks a lot ! ^^

    But a question, may I ? How did you actually create that scatter file, since MTKDroids’ not compatible with this device, even with modified files and adb version ?

    Cordially bruh !

    1. It’s the stock rom of the device, so it has the original scatter file. You can get it with special mobile servicing tools like Miracle box, CM2, NCK Box etc

  20. Ahh, weird enough that it was the stock ROM of the S variant .. just what the hell is with Tecno for their branding on their latest phones XD ? Why doing a Kenya variant ? Meh
    And even weirder that my Miracle Box’s not working with this one phone, but does with you all ^^’, but..

    Thanks again bro ! You might want to add some about the Phantom 8 on your cool website btw, would be nice ^^

    Cordially, Hell-Paradise (haha)

  21. Thank you so much, i wanted to have a custom recovery and root my phone, but it with every thing i tried i didn’t work, Both the Auto Philz recovery porter and TWRP Porter didn’t worked, but i saw a link in the top of the topic you sent me to how i can root my phone by patching boot.img, and my surprise is that it was patched by an app inside my phone the called Magisk Manager, i was surprised because last week i have tried carliv image kitchen and i got the same error as i got from both the Auto Philz recovery porter and TWRP Porter (, i will post my screenshot there with more details , when i read the batchs i didn’t found any syntax error there, so it may be related to the output text from the exes or the compression type or even the signature of my sock files, anyway here are the captures : and

    Thanks again ^^,

  22. Finally i managed to port with TWRP, and it worked, my problem was that i have signed imgs, and apparently -sign is an extra layer of protection that’s why the porter alone didn’t work, i had to use “FBwintools” as mentioned here :

    And here’s my patched recovery.img (TWRP) for Accent Speed S8 (Mediatek 6580) if you want to add it here in this page :

    1. It’s good to know you have successfully ported a custom recovery for your device. Enjoy! If there’s anything else, you can always leave a comment.

  23. hai!

    i was given an older Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 (4) w/ Kitkat on it; pls see deets copied from

    settings when the phone worked (no SIM, wifi only, rooted)…

    pixi 3,4 4.4.2
    build # 5BAP-UDP0
    cu ref a460t-2alzca1
    fcc id rad540
    ic id 9238a-0049

    i havent been able to find a stock ROM, or custom one for that matter (i’d luv to up to

    Marshmallow or Nougat if poss). closest i’ve found is…

    nonbloated Stock ROM Pixi 3(4) KK (3G MODEL), here:

    i downloaded from!jVNmzIaR!

    Q2LXSmnX5KDSgl2RAQ06HPmNqcBXLAD_9q-_RIPibnU but it’s hanging in TWRP (i used flashify to get

    that on b4 it hosed).



    i may have to try some other types, here:

    sooo i was hoping u could provide a stock ROM for the device w/ id’s above? i’m new to this,

    although i’ll try anything (mainframe DBs, OS X, jailbreak, hack, whatever; systems analyst

    officially but everything rlly).

    any help, suggestions? esp. a custom ROM upgrade to newnew?


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