How To Remove BIOS / Power On Password On Windows

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Windows BIOS password
Before I proceed, I will like to explain some stuff. BIOS (Basic Input Output SSystem password is very different from your OS (Operating System) password which is the normal login password for your PC.
How To Remove BIOS password Windows
The BIOS Password simply locks your computer hardware and prevents it from booting or allowing access to the BIOS settings itself. The BIOS password is stored in the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) memory. In some computers, a small battery attached to the motherboard maintains the BIOS memory when the computer is off. 

Without the BIOS password correctly entered, you cant boot up the computer, you wont be able to install another operating system, you can’t boot from removable devices and just to sum it up, your
access to the PC is very limited.
The manufacturer of your PC can help you reset your BIOS password using their master code in-case you forget it. Well that’s not what I am going to talk about today.

BIOS password on a PC offers a higher level of security apart from the normal OS password or pin which can be easily removed. Having both the OS password and BIOS password is pretty okay but it becomes seriously uncomfortable if you forget the later.

Although a good number of people know how to easily turn off the BIOS password but they are still people who find it difficult. If you have been managing the BIOS password on your PC because you couldn’t figure out how to change it, its going to be over soon..

Now if you want to disable the BIOS password for any reason, it is pretty simple.

How To Remove BIOS Administrator / Power On Password On Windows

Setting the BIOS password is sometimes very easy but removing it is tricky.
*Note*  This is not a method to bypass or hack BIOS password but how to disable it with a known password.

Simple Steps To Remove BIOS Password On A Windows PC


  • Turn off / Shutdown your PC.
  • Turn it on and press the appropriate key e.g *F2/Del/Esc/F1/F8/F9/F10/F11/F12* to boot into the BIOS setup. It varies between manufacturers and OS version.
  • Use the arrow keys and scroll to Security tab.

You should see Administrator Password & Power-On Password

  • To remove either or both of the password, press Enter key and type your current password in the empty box
  • In the Enter New Password / Confirm New Password, just press the Enter key until you get a success notification.
Now you can turn on your PC without the BIOS password. Remember the trick is to type your current password once and press the “Enter key” in the other fields.
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