Download OnePlus 1+ Oxygen OS Stock ROMs

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Below you can download official OnePlus Stock ROMs and also learn how to install it (Oxygen OS) on your OnePlus device.

Endeavor to download the ROM for your specific device and follow the instructions to flash it. Before flashing the ROMs, please read and understand the difference between OnePlus official and community builds.

Diffrence Between OnePlus Official And Community Builds

Before downloading and as well flashing any of the OnePlus Stock ROMs below, you need to understand the differnce between the official build (mostly recommended) and the community build.
  • OnePlus Official Build : This is what you get out of the box when you purchase a OnePlus smartphone. The official builds / OTAS are very stable or kinda bug free. It’s the final OS that is sent to every OnePlus owner anywhere via OTA. It is safe and can be used as a daily driver without any issue.

To make it clear, it is simply the original OS meant for every OnePlus owner and is hitch free.

  • OnePlus Community Build : The Community Build is the Beta build of the OS. Although it can be installed and used, it naturally has bugs and cant serve as a daily driver. OnePlus uses the community builds to test new things, discover bugs, fix bugs, know what’s working and what isn’t, know what is missing and what is not and a whole lot more.
This build gets frequent updates / OTA which addresses or fixes the bugs in the previous versions / builds. If there is any other issue, future builds will fix it. The community builds are for those who wish to experiment with their OnePlus and give feedback so as to get the best user experience. Its OnePlus way of relating with their users and giving them exactly what they want.
The community build regularly receives updates specifically for that build. If you flash this community build, you’ll receive community OTAs (but not official OTAs). You’ll need to manually (clean) flash back to official builds to continue receiving official OTAs. Rolling back to official OxygenOS versions require wiping data and cache.
Finally, OP summarizes with this;

 “With the community build we are experimenting with new ideas and features, and then using the feedback from our community to refine… In fact, the next versions of the community build will address a lot of the feedback we have already received.”

Now you can download the build that you would be comfortable with.

Collection Of OnePlus ( 1+ ) Stock Firmwares

  • One+ One Oxygen OS v2.1.4 Official Build 2016-01-19 – Download
  • One+ One Oxygen OS v1.0.3 Official Build 2015-09-02 – Download
  • One+ 2 Oxygen OS v3.1.0 Official Build 2016-08-26 – Download
  • One+ 2 Oxygen OS v3.0.1 Community Build 2016-05-23 – Download
  • One+ 3 Oxygen OS v3.2.6 Official Build 2016-09-14 – Download
  • One+ 3 Oxygen OS v3.5.4 Community Build 2016-10-17 – Download
  • One+ 3 Oxygen OS v3.2.8 Official Build 2016-12-05 – Download
  • OnePlus 3T Oxygen OS v3.5.4 Build 2016-12-19 – Download
  • OnePlus 3T Oxygen OS v3.5.3 Build 2016-11-28 – Download
  • One+ X Oxygen OS v3.1.3 Official Build 2016-09-29 – Download
  • One+ X Oxygen OS v3.1.3 Community Build 2016-09-08 – Download

How To Flash Stock ROM (.zip File) To OnePlus Device

  1. Download the software build for your OnePlus device at the top of this page.
  2. Plug your phone into your computer and copy the downloaded .zip file to your phone’s storage. If you’re using a Mac, you can install Android File Transfer for this operation.
  3. After the .zip file is copied to your phone, reboot your phone into recovery mode. To do this, shut down your device and turn it back on while holding the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.
  4. Choose “Install from local / Install from SD“, find your .zip file and click on “Install” to confirm.
  5. Wait a while, your phone should now update to the selected build and reboot automatically to take you into OxygenOS.
If you have any issue, don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

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