Download Latest Version Of SP Flashtool v5.1640

Download Latest Version Of SP Flashtool v5.1640

[Image:Download Latest Version Of SP Flashtool V5.1640]
 Hello, if you are an MTK fan or usually play around with Mediatek firmwares, you should probably know about SP Flashtool. Like Odin for Samsung Galaxy devices, Research / Upgrade Download for Spreadtrum devices, SP Flashtool is for MTK-Mediatek devices. Sp Flashtool is the official tool from Mediatek Inc. and all credits goes to them for this great tool.

<<< Features Of SP Flashtool  >>>

  1. Flash Stock ROM & Custom ROM– Sp Flahtool can be used to flash the Stock ROM of your device and even a compatible custom ROM. It also allows downgrading /Upgrading your device. Although SP Flashtool needs just a correct scatter file to work with.
  2. Flash Stock and Custom Recovery – Using SP Flashtool, you can flash stock or custom recovery (CWM or TWRP recovery) to your MTK based smartphone and tablet.
  3. Format / HardresetWith SP Flash tool, you can easily format the NAND, EMMC and SDMMC flash of any MTK device. Always be careful when using this tab and don’t unnecessarily format both flash and bootloader or use wrong firmware to format to avoid hard-bricking your device.
  4. Memory Test and Parameter Setting– The former allows you to check the RAM(RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY) and  verify the NAND flash on your device while the later provides read and write functions for data in OTP (One Time Programming) area.
  5. ReadBack / Dump– With SP Flashtool, you can safely readback/backup all or part of the firmware of your device for future use. Its always good to have a backup especially when something goes wrong.
  6. Advance Mode– Advance mode as it sounds gives you more features especially in the Format Area. To turn on Advance Mode in SP Flashtool, press CTRL + ALT + V and to reverse back to the default mode (RUNTIME TRACE MODE), press the same key combos on your PC.
  7. Flashtool supports Ubuntu and Windows XP.
Although previous versions of SP Flashtool might still be working and giving you what you need without issues, but upgrading / downloading the latest version is always recommended because it supports more chips(MTK), faster, bug fixes and a lot of other new things.
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 Download Latest Version Of SP Flashtool (2016/09/28) v5.1640 Below.



  • Windows >> SP (Smartphone) Latest Version (2016/09/28) v5.1640 Size…63mbDownload
  • Linux >> SP (Smartphone) Latest Version (2016/09/28) v5.1640 Size…42mbDownload


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