New MTN Call Me Back Service Tips

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The rate of change in our environment is also affecting service providers. Like seriously, MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat are unleashing some kind of change especially in the data sector.

Although, Glo has the best and most affordable data plans. While Glo is stepping up, others are complaining of the Buhari Government and all its alien changes.

Looking at the changes from its competitors, Airtel and Etisalat are just increasing the price of data plans while reducing the amount of data that is given.

Take A Look At This 
Now MTN wants to follow suit by making some amendments. One of the noticeable change is in their Call me Back Service. If you always use this positively, you will bear with me that it’s no longer the same.
The worst part of it is that the change is not user friendly in any way. When I say it’s not user friendly, I mean it.
The normal/popular way of sending a call me back is as simple as ABC.
You just get to the number in your phone book or call logs, select edit before calling, add *133*the call me back you wish* the MTN number#. And voila! It’s done.
Wasn’t that simple? Even elderly ones do use it a lot.

But unfortunately, everything has changed.

And the change MTN brought now is not cool. With the new call me back service, there are a lot of disadvantages. I think I should spell them out.

 Why I Don’t Like The New MTN Call Me Back Service

  1. It is no longer user friendly.
  2. It makes you write down, copy and paste [if supported] or even memorize numbers. How many more will you memorize?
  3. It fails and disconnects if you delay to input a command or select an option. [USSD issue, better enter the number as fast as possible]
  4. Confusing, especially to elderly/older people.

Let me just stop there, you will add the rest in the comments section. Now that this sudden change has surfaced, lets know how to use it easily.

How To Use The New MTN Call Me Back Service

  • Just dial *133# and press the send button.
  • On the next screen that pops up,
New MTN Call Me Back Service Is Not Friendly Anymore
  • Type, copy and paste or manually enter the MTN number you wish to send a call me back to and tap Send.
New MTN Call Me Back Service Is Not Friendly Anymore
  • From the next screen, select the number that corresponds to the call me back message you wish to send to the person. E.g, 1. Please call me, 2. I love you, 3. Send me Credit etc. and tap the send button or icon.
New MTN Call Me Back Service Is Not Friendly Anymore
  •  You will then receive a success notification that your call me back has been sent successfully. If you get an error like service time out, USSD code error, etc, please start over and try to be swift.

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