How To Easily Flash .nb0 / ffu Firmwares / ROMS

How To Easily Flash .nb0 / ffu Firmwares / ROMS

If you have replaced the firmware on a device before, you might have come across different file formats including .nb0 and ffu files. Most firmware packages use unique extensions and can be unpacked using special tools.
 One of such firmware package extension is .nb0 and .ffu which is our subject for today.
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 If after downloading a firmware and it is in an unfamiliar extention; .nb0, you can use an official tool [ Software Update Tool (SUT)] that can unpack and flash .nb0 files.

How To Easily Flash Firmwares in .nb0 / ffu File Formats

  1. Make sure you have installed your device’s drivers to help you connect to the PC.
  2. Download Software Update Tool (SUT) and save it
  3. Now open the SUT folder, install and run the SUT-LR – Software Update Tool.
  4. If the .nb0 firmware is in a .zip or .rar archive, unpack it using Winrar and place the .nb0  or ffu file on your computer’s desktop so that you can easily access it later.
  5. Reboot the device to fastboot or download mode / bootloader. To do that, enable USB debugging, use Minimal adb tools or key combos[Power and Volume buttons] to enter download/fastboot/bootloader mode. If you want to use CMD on your PC, type these command to enter any of the above modes.(adb reboot bootloader.)
  6. Now connect the device to PC.
  7. On SUT-LR [Software Update Tool] homepage, click on  […] icon by the right or the horizontal empty box and select the extracted .nb0 or ffu firmware you downloaded. Then click Next.
  8. In the next page, select Erase User Data, Click Next.
  9. The flashing process will begin. Give it some time for all the images to be loaded / flashed to your device.
  10. You can then disconnect the device when done.

If you couldn’t follow the tutorial, drop your comments.  


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