Glo’s New Data Cap Will Wow You Instantly

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Naija will be celebrating her independence soon and I felt like sharing this gist with you all. The image below isn’t related to fake in any way.
Glo has just added some data to the already existing ones without even amending the price. Thats just the good news.

From what we are seeing, Glo is naturally the best and biggest data network in Nigeria. If there’s any other service provider that can beat that, hmm, I think they are still warming up.

Just re-imagine getting a 7.5 GB for just N2, 000 only. Or 3.2GB of data for N1,000. Is it not the lords doing? If you haven’t noticed it yet, please just dial *777# and you would see how Glo is trying to ease the current recession in their unique way.

If you actually want to see the difference, here’s the old Glo data cap.

[Image:Glo new data plans bundle 2016 best]

Now see the difference.

Glo new data plans bundle 2016 best

This is seriously enticing. If you see this and still accept to manage the ones you are getting from other providers, I thing something must be involved. I wish every network adopts this trend and also allow us to use it as its written.

Although Glo network sometimes disappoints in some areas and also when there’s a downpour.

Maybe Glo is also celebrating with Nigeria as she clocks fifty six. (56). Don’t forget to let your friends and family know about this. Also share your Glo data if it’s convenient.

To easily share your data on Glo, dial this code.

*127*01*The Glo number#

If you want to see all the numbers you have shared your data with, just dial:


Happy Independence day as Nigeria becomes 56 Years Old.

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