How To Unlock The Bootloader Of HTC Android Phones

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Unlocking the bootloader of HTC Android and also other smartphones [Sony Xperia, Google Nexus, Samsung devices, ZTE, Motorola, Asus, Xiaomi, a few Mediatek devices etc] with locked bootloaders isn’t something new especially if you are the techy type.

A bootloader is like a junction where all the crucial partitions in an android phone will pass through, checked thoroughly and confirmed to be unmodified before allowed to pass. This is what a locked bootloader does to make sure all the files are in their factory formats. A locked bootloader will not allow you have access to any of those primary partitions as well.


 Why you need to Unlock the Bootloader of your HTC

As an Android user, you have a world of impossibilities right in your hand. Although this impossibility is limited by such things like bootloader lock.

What is meant by unlocking the bootloader is that certain partitions are locked and need to be unlocked to provide write access. Specifically: boot, system, and recovery.
There are many more partitions (e.g. the radio) but only these are the minimal necessary to overwrite a default stock ROM with a custom built Android based ROM.Most times, the first thing you do after getting a new Android phone or updating the OS to the newest version via OTA or custom ROMs is to root your Android phone and install various mods.

By unlocking your bootloader as well as rooting your HTC, you become the boss of your Android phone. This means you can now install a whole lot of custom ROMs, powerful apps, tweaks and access the android file system without boundaries. But for some OEMs like HTC, it’s only when you unlock the bootloader that you can root and perform other tasks on the phone.

I first did this bootloader unlocking on HTC when I had my first HTC phone; Htc Rezound. I will make this guide as simple as possible to help you unlock the bootloader for your HTC.


How to Unlock Bootloader for Your HTC

Like any other Android, unlocking your bootloader will cause you to lose all of the data from your phone, so be sure to backup your necessary Android data.

Get the preparations to unlock bootloader for your HTC One or other devices. Then, move to the step by step guide on unlocking HTC bootloader.

A.  HTC Bootloader unlock-Getting things ready


  1. Register on HTCdev, where you can get the needed information to unlock HTC bootloader.
  2. Connect your HTC phone to Computer and enable USB Debugging Mode in developer options.
  3. Unlocking the HTC Bootloader may delete the files like contacts, messages, and calendars, so please backup your data first.

B. Steps to unlock HTC Bootloader


  •  Go to and login with your account, select Unlock Bootloader and Get Started.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  • Select your HTC model or from the All Other Supported Models and click Begin Unlock Bootloader. In the meantime, it’s not every HTC that can be unlocked.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  • Choose Yes, tick/mark the Legal Terms and then “Proceed to Unlock Instructions” on the next 2 pop-ups.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  • On the next page, follow the guide to set your HTC. Scroll to bottom, download the right fastboot binary for your OS. Windows users can download an easy adb/fastboot tool here.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  • Open a command Prompt: Windows: Start->”cmd” Mac: Applications->Utilities-> Linux: Terminal
  • Type in Command Prompt: fastboot oem get_identifier_token.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  •   Then you will see a long block of text which is the token.[Its unique] Copy the token,  from “Identifier Token Start” and stop at “Identifier Token End”, Below is a screenshot of how and what to copy.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  •  Paste the identifier token you copied above to the token field in HTCDev guide page, then click “Submit“.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  •   HTC will send you an email containing the bootloader unlock code. Download the “unlock_code.bin“, and place it the fastboot/adb folder.
  •   Go back to the Command Prompt window and type this; fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin and press the enter button as usual.

How To Unlock The Boootloader Of HTC Android Phones

  • Wait a few seconds for your HTC phone to reboot.

Now congratulations! Your HTC phone now has an unlocked bootloader. Make sure you enjoy the benefits of unlocking your devices’ bootloader like installing custom recoveries, flashing custom ROMs and customizing the entire OS.

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