Infinix Hot 2 X510 Copy/Clone Stock ROM

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Infinix Hot 2 X510 is a great and durable 3G/4G smartphone from Infinix that runs on Googles Android One OS. The phone has some really good specs, although its a midrange device.

Since the smartphone is very popular and currently runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, there is also a clone, copy or look alike of the original.

The original uses a MediaTek MT6580 processor while the fake X510 uses the older and popular MT6572 chip.

If you carefully look at both the original and copy of the Infinix X510, the sim tray, sd card, USB port, battery size, and cover are different from the original.

Software wise, the real Infinix Hot 2 X510 runs on the latest Android 6 Marshmallow while the fake runs on Android 4.4.2  but faked/tweaked to display Android 6.0 in the About phone section.

Aside from all these, they look very alike and a little difficult to distinguish at first sight.


If you have been searching for this ROM(Clone Infinix Hot 2) because you flashed the original firmware to the fake, the phone is bricked or whatever ever reason, then your search virtually ends here. Click on the links below to download the stock ROM.


  1. Infinix Hot 2 Clone Variant 1 – Download{Mega}
  2. Infinix Hot 2 Clone Variant 1 – Download{Dev Host}
  3. Infinix Hot 2 Clone Variant 2 – Download (Display Fix)
  4. Infinix Hot 2 Clone Variant 3 – Download
To flash the firmware above, kindly follow this link to learn how to flash the stock ROM to *your* fake Hot 2.  Please, always make a backup of your existing firmware in case you need to revert to the former.
  • After flashing, remove and reinsert battery, press volume up and power to boot into recovery, use volume up to scroll and volume down to select.
  • Select recovery and perform a factory reset. You can now reboot the device. If all the steps are properly followed, you should get back your Clone Infinix Hot 2 X510 to normalcy.


How To Fix Display Issues After Flashing The Stock ROM To Your Clone Hot 2


If after flashing the stock ROM successfully, but with a blank display, dark display or distorted lines, it’s due to an incompatibility issue with some files in the firmware.

Due to the fact that phones do have multiple variants, which the hot 2 copy is not an exception, there is always some sort of compatibility issue with flash files. These files are the boot.img, uboot[lk.bin] and preloader.bin. To help fix this at the other side, we have put together the above files from different Infinix Clones so as to get rid of the display issue.

  • Download the Infinix Hot 2 Clone Display Fix above and flash the files to your clone Infinix. If after flashing and you still don’t get the display fixed, drop a comment.
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