Make Your Posts Show up On Google Immediately After Publishing

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[Image:Make Your Posts Showup On Google Search Engine Immediately After Publishing]

  Does it take too long for your blog posts to start showing up in search results or search engines like Google Search? If yes, then you will be happy after reading this post.

Getting your newly published post to show up immediately or a minute after you publish doesn’t really need a lot of stress. If you are a new blogger and you do have unique contents that take too long or forever to display in Google search, then you actually need this.

Apart from using this method, your post should be user friendly and meets Google’s standard. If you haven’t posted a lot or you are still struggling to get a space, kinda get known, indexing of your posts might be naturally slow.
Google has a tool[Fetch as Google] that can help you get your post(s) indexed immediately after publishing it and it will show up on Google search as well. So without much ado, let me explain how you can manually get your posts/contents indexed faster and also appear in search engines immediately after you publish it.


[Image:Make Your Posts Showup On Google Search Engine Immediately After Publishing]

To achieve faster/immediate indexing of your post(s) after publishing,

  1. Login to Google Search Console and click on your domain or website.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on Crawl to display more options.
  3. Now select Fetch as Google in the drop-down menu.
    [Image:Make Your Posts Show-up On Google Search Engine Immediately After Publishing]
  4. In the next page, you will see your website address(homepage) with an empty box infront.
  5. Now copy and paste the link of the post you wish to manually index. You are to paste just the link to the post without your homepage or domain.
    [Image:Make Your Posts Show-up On Google Search Engine Immediately After Publishing it]
  6. E.g, if the link to the post you wish to index immediately is
  7. You are to paste only the post link which is written in red without your domain or the slash. If you paste only the link to the post as described above, your post link plus your domain/homepage should now be complete.
  8. Now click on Fetch and wait for some seconds for the Submit to Index to appear after the post.
  9. Click on the Submit to index button.
  10. The next page gives a security check before you proceed. Answer the question and then select either to index the post only or its direct links.
  11. After selecting the index method, click on Go. Your post would be indexed almost immediately and will then display in Google search results. You should now see Url Submited To Index.

    If you search anything related to what you just posted, you should find your post in either the 1st or any other page depending on how unique, qualitative and friendly your post is. But the good thing is that, your post has been indexed and is now live on Google search.

  12. You can do this for as many posts as you wish. Remember, the first option (Index this page only) allows 500 links while (Index this page and its direct links) has just 10 post links per month. So, use the one that suits you.

You can always do this as long as you wish or are comfortable with. Apart from this, promoting your posts to social media, forums and pages will also give you better grounds in search engine optimization.

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