Download Oppo Android Stock ROMs

Download All Oppo Android android phones stock roms

Oppo is a mobile smartphone manufacturer that is mostly known for their ColorOS UI. They have great Smartphones for camera, music, large display, fun etc. Oppo smartphones use both the popular Mediatek processors and Snapdragon/Qualcomm.

Below are download links for all Oppo Android Smartphones latest stock roms/firmwares. The firmwares are purely factory files and haven’t been tempered or tweaked.

If you have any Oppo smartphone with OS issues, malicious apps or virus, slow operations, bootloop, stuck on logo, remove malwares or you just wanna do an upgrade, you can go ahead and download the Oppo firmware that matches yours.

Downloading and installing / flashing any firmware other than the intended for use on your Oppo Android phone will certainly brick it.

Check your Oppo phone model carefully before proceeding with download and flashing as well.

Collection Of Oppo Android Stock ROMs

  • Oppo A37F (A37fEX_11_OTA_017_all_201703020641) – Download
  • Oppo A37 – Download
  • Oppo F1 (F1EX_11_OTA_889_all_201605261812) –  Download
  • Oppo F1 Plus (X9009EX_11_OTA_018_all_201606201753) –  Download
  • Oppo F3 Plus (CPH1611EX_11_OTA_012_all_201705222131) – Download
  • Oppo F3 (CPH1609EX_11_OTA_0040_all_201704261515) – Download
  • Oppo F1S (A1601EX_11_OTA_019_all_201610112241_local) – Download
  • Oppo Find 5 Mini (R827_11.A.16_OTA_INT_016_all_160330) – Download
  • Oppo Find 7 (FIND7WX_12_OTA_INT_014_all_svn10682) – Download
  • Oppo Find 7A (FIND7WX_12_OTA_INT_014_all_svn10682) – Download
  • Oppo Joy Plus (R1011EX_11_A.09_OTA_INT_009_all_160416_logo) – Download
  • Oppo Joy 3 (A11wEX_11.A.11_OTA_INT_011_all_160423) – Download
  • Oppo Joy (R1001_11.A.18_OTA_INT_018_all_160323) – Download
  • Oppo Yoyo (R2001_11.A.15_OTA_INT_015_all_151224) – Download
  • Oppo N3 (N5206EX_11.A.13_OTA_INT_013_all_151230) – Download
  • Oppo Neo (R831_11.A.10_OTA_INT_010_all_140828) – Download
  • Oppo Neo 3 (R831K_11.A.17_OTA_INT_017_all_151229) – Download
  • Oppo Mirror 5 (Mirror5EX_11_OTA_014_all_201604011005) – Download
  • Oppo Mirror 3 (Mirror3EX_11.A.10_OTA_INT_010_all_150828) – Download
  • Oppo  Neo 7 (A33fEX_11_OTA_009_all_201603042120) – Download
  • Oppo Neo 5 (1201EX_11.A.14_OTA_INT_014_all_160427) – Download
  • Oppo R1 (R829_11.A.12_OTA_INT_012_all_151016) – Download
  • Oppo N1 (N1_12.A.13_OTA_INT_013_all_svn5986) – Download
  • Oppo N1 Mini (N1mini_11_A.11_INT_150322_OTA_011_all) – Download
  • Oppo R7 (R7plusfEX_11_OTA_014_all_201602270946) – Download
  • Oppo R7 Lite (R7kfEX_11_OTA_011_all_201603241637) – Download
  • Oppo A57 (CPH1701EX_11_A.14_OTA_014_all_201705071629) – Download

How To Flash Firmware To An Oppo Phone


No matter the chip type your Oppo Android Smartphone uses, Snapdragon processor or Mediatek, and you have downloaded the firmware, the method to flash/install it is very simple but different from the former.

This is the kinda official and most popular way of flashing a ROM(stock or custom) to Oppo devices. Here’s how to install or flash the firmware to Oppo Smartphones powered by either snapdragon or MTK.

  1. Download the stock ROM and place it in the root of your SD card for easy access.
  2. Power off and boot into recovery mode using Volume down and Power button. 
  3. Select your preferred language; English, Chinese or any other.
  4. In the next screen, Select Wipe data and cache by pressing the power button. To move up/down, use the volume keys; Volume Up / Down. Select Wipe cache also. If asked to confirm, select Yes.
  5. Go back to the previous screen and select Install from SD card.
  6. Choose either phone storage or SD card depending on where you kept the stock ROM file.
  7. Use the volume buttons and scroll to the might look like this) you downloaded, select it using the power button.
  8. In the next confirmation screen, select Yes so as to begin the ROM installation.
  9. Wait for the process to complete and then your ROM must have been flashed to the Oppo.
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