Download Latest Google Chrome With Easy Tab Switching

[Image:Download Latest Google Chrome With Lovely Features Tab Switching and Zooming]

Google Chrome browser is one of the best browsers both on mobile and PC. When it comes to speed, user friendliness, privacy, security simplicity, plus all the features of a modern web browser, data savings, don’t track features, great synchronization across other devices, Chrome comes first. 

Now if you haven’t updated to the latest version of Google Chrome yet, I think you might be missing something very cool.

The latest version of Google chrome adds seamless tab switching like never before. You don’t have to click any hardware button or key to switch between tabs.

Now its just so simple and user friendly.  Now without much explanations, let me show you how to easily switch between tabs in Google Chrome mobile browser.



Method 1 

  1. After adding tabs as much as you wish, switching between them is just like opening the pages of a book or swiping your thumb over something.
  2. Just put your thumb or any finger that’s convenient on the address bar 
[Image:Download Latest Google Chrome with easy tab switching and zoom features]
and swipe either right or left to switch between tabs. Moving through your tabs becomes so easy and stress free.

Method 2

The second method which is somehow like the older way of pressing your recent apps hardware button which will then bring up your most recent apps including tabs from Chrome browser.

Now you don’t have to click the recent tabs menu to switch between tabs, but tap and drag down. 

To easily switch between tabs in Chrome mobile browser, simply place your thumb(or any other finger) any where around the address bar.

[Image:Download Latest Google Chrome with easy tab switching and zoom features]

 and drag it downwards.  The recent tabs will come up. You just have to scroll up ⬆  or down ⬇ to select the tab you want.

Easiest Way To Zoom Pages In Google Chrome Mobile Browser

Everything is just becoming easier as technology advances. Bigger computers, chips etc become smaller and easy to use.

Instead of placing your two fingers on a page to zoom in or out, just double tap(2 times) on the area you wish to zoom in or out, in the second tap, your thumb should still be placed on the screen. Then, drag your finger up or down to either zoom in or out the page.

These are some of the easiest ways to switch between recent tabs and zoom pages on Google Chrome mobile browser. You can download the most recent version of Google Chrome browser from Google playstore or directly from this link.

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