How To Flash .bin Or pac Files To Spreadtrum Devices

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In a previous tutorial, we talked about how to flash .bin files to Mediatek android phones using Miracle box.

You might also want to know how you can equally flash firmware in .bin formats to your Spreadtrum Android device.

You Might Want To Know

How To Flash .PAC Files TO SPD Devices Via Research / Upgrade Download

Well, with Miracle box, there are so many cool possibilities. Since the default Upgrade or Research Download tool doesn’t accept bin files but .pac files, you actually need to know this.

 I know you just can’t wait to know this. So without saying much, let us proceed with the tutorial.

How to flash bin files to Spreadtrum devices


  • Download Miracle Box 2.27A Without Box – Download

Password : bdjakriztek

  • Unpack the Miracle box software you just downloaded and the Miracle loader.
  • Make sure you disable your antivirus and also back date your PC to 2014 or else Miracle box Start button would not be clickable.
  • Miracle box will now launch.
  • When Miracle Box opens, Click on SPD tab.
flash bin pac files to spreadtrum devices launch miracle box
  • Tick Write

Flash .bin firmware files to spreadtrum devices tick write

  • Under Choose type, select the CPU of the SPD device
Flash .bin firmware files to spreadtrum devices choose cpu type

E.g in this case, SPD8810/6820

Click on the folder icon and locate the .bin or pac firmware of the SPD device and select open.

Flash bin files to spreadtrum devices select bin file
Click on the Start button

Flash bin files to spreadtrum devices click on start button

Miracle box will display Scanning USB Serial Port. 

Flash bin files to spreadtrum devices miracle box scanning usb serial port
  • Now remove and reinsert your battery, connect the phone to the PC while holding the boot key( volume up or volume down or both)
It will now detect the Spreadtrum phone if the drivers were installed properly and the flashing process will begin.
Flash .bin files to spreadtrum devices
  • Don’t try to interrupt the entire process until it shows done or complete.
  • When Miracle is finished with the flashing, you should see Done/Complete
  • You can now disconnect and power up your phone manually.

Got any issue, please use the comment box.


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