What Is So Special About Your Current Smartphone?

Why you don't need that Android Windows Iphone device


A smartphone as the name implies is naturally smart and behaves like a PC. Smartphones do have different operating systems or softwares that power them, ranging from the major ones like Google’s Android OS, Apple’s Ios, Microsoft Lumia and finally BlackBerry  Classic/10 which would soon swiftly transform to Android.

A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. Smartphones, which are usually pocket-sized, typically combine the features of a cell phone, such as the ability to receive and make phone calls, with those of other popular digital mobile devices.
Other features typically include a personal digital assistant(PDA) for making appointments in a calendar, media player, video games,GPS navigation unit, digital camera and digital video camera. Most smartphones can access the Internet and can run third-party software components (“apps“).
They typically have a color touchscreen graphical user interface that covers 70% or more of the front surface, with LCD, OLED, AMOLED, LED or similar screen.(Wikipedia)
The number of smartphones out there are so numerous that its always confusing to decide which is better or more preferable/or which will suit your personality.
Well that’s why I am here.
In case you don’t know, smartphones have their selling points or core parts plus other necessary specs which makes them smart.

Best Smartphones For Multimedia purposes like Photo/Camera/Video

Phones with core multimedia specs are so numerous  because the youngsters prefer these category. Although most flagship devices are equipped with powerful cameras because it’s just too vital in a real smartphone.
These phones incorporate a very advanced camera/video recorder and other photo editing features. These smartphones will necessarily add a good number of high or average specs in other areas like display, sound, battery, processing power/speed, size and some other stuff that will make it balanced.
A good example of such camera centric phones are;

  1. Tecno Camon family; The Tecno Camon C9, Camon CX/CX Air, C8 C7 and C5 are naturally photo centric and that’s why they are nicknamed Camon(Camera ON)
  2. Nokia 808 Pureview(38Megapixels Carl zeiss optics camera) is another example of a camera based phone from the Finnish company Nokia
  3.  Microsoft Lumia 1020(38mp Carl zeiss optics camera)
  4.  Apple Iphone 6S
  5.  HTC 10
  6. Google’s Nexus 6P
  7. Sony Xperia Z5
  8. Sony Xperia XZ Premium
  9. Samsung Galaxy S6
  10. LG G5
  11. Xiaomi Mi5
  12. Samsung Galaxy A7(2016)
  13. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
  14. Elephone P9000
  15. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  16. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  17. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  18. Samsung Galaxy S7
  19. Samsung Galaxy S7 Active
  20. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  21. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Best Smartphones For Best Music Playback

Actually every smartphone plays music in a smart way and sometimes adds extra audio features like Dolby sound, Beats Audio, Maxx Audio, Dual Speakers etc. Smartphones with such extra music touch are numerous because most flagship products do well musically. Here are examples of exceptional music smartphones.

  1. The Tecno Boom J7 and J8
  2. BQ Aquarius
  3. HTC 10
  4. Microsoft Windows Lumia 950
  5. Sony Xperia Z5
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  7. Marshall London
  8. Sony Xperia XZ Premium
  9. HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 are great Music smartphones.

Sometimes using third party apps like N7 Music player and PowerAmp could add some tone spice to your music playing.

Best Smartphones With Large display or Visual quality

Most phones now come with practically large screen or display starting from 5.5′.  Some of these screens are made of high quality and visually interesting materials like the Amoled screens(mostly used by Samsung) and IPS. There are so many big screen smartphones out there but we are gonna be looking at the best ones.

  1. The Huawei Mate 8
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note series, e.g is the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab(s)
  6. Apple’s Ipads
  7. Infinix X600
  8. Xiaomi Mi5
  9. Elephone P9000
  10. Elephone P8000
  11. HTC 10
  12. LG G5 and so many others fall under smartphones with large screens. These smartphones with bigger displays are mostly called Phablets or Tabs like the Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Apple IPads.

Best Smartphones For Fun/Entertainment/Gaming

This is one of the fun part of having a real smartphone. But not all smartphones are good for gaming or HD video streaming/speedy adventures. Most of these smartphones use powerful processors, dedicated GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) and a sizable amount of RAM to stabilize the whole system.
Having such features on a smartphone calls for a large capacity battery, overheating reduction and strong build qualities.

 Most flagship devices are cool when it comes to gaming while some are exceptionally unique gaming machines/smartphones. The following are the best smartphones for gaming;

  1. Acer Predator 6(10 core processor, 4GB RAM, Helio X20 MT6797 2.5GHz)
  2. Meizu Pro 6
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  4. LG G5,
  5. HTC 10
  6. IPhone 6s
  7. Google’s Nexus 6P
  8. Xiaomi Mi5
  9. Elephone P9000
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  11. Tecno Phantom 6
  12. Tecno Phantom 6 Plus
  13. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus
  14. Tecno Phantom 6/6 Plus

If your phone runs well, then it’s the best for you.

 Best Smartphones With Power / Long-lasting Batteries


This category is actually essential in every smartphone. Great features need great power. So, every smartphone user actually needs a good battery to sustain the phone in the long run. Most flagship devices don’t actually come with high capacity batteries but just a kind of average battery that can at least do well during a fair amount of usage while there are also a good number of battery centric monsters.

Some smartphones aren’t actually good in every sense but do well in the power/battery sector and most smartphones with large batteries do come with excellent specs.  Well, here are some of the best smartphones with large and longlasting batteries/best battery life.

  1. The Gionee Marathon M5 -6020mAh
  2. Gionee M5mini -4000mAh
  3. Marathon M3 -5000mAh
  4. Marathon M2 -4200mAh
  5. Elephone P8000 -4000mAh
  6. Oukitel K6000 -6000mAh
  7. Innos D6000 -6000mAh
  8. Oukitel K10,000 -10000mAh
  9. Asus Zenfone Max -5000mAh
  10. Panasonic Eluga A2 -4000mAh
  11. THL T7 -4800mAh
  12. Lenovo Vibe P1 -5000mAh
  13. Ulephone Power -6050mAh
  14. Dogee Homtom -6250mAh
  15. Elephone P4000 -4400mAh
  16. Blu Energy X-Plus -4000mAh
  17. THL 4000
  18. THL 5000
  19. Lenovo P70 -4000mAh
  20. Tecno L5 -5000mAh
  21. Tecno L8 -5050mAh
  22. Tecno L8 plus -5050mAh
  23. Tecno L9/L9 PLus/L9 Lite

Best Smartphones With Physical features like Water Resistance, Dust proof, Scratch Proof, Drop Proof


Smartphones with water resistance or waterproof coating aren’t as much as smartphones with other specs. Even most flagship devices from various ohms don’t have this feature or capability.

Maybe it’s because it’s not so important. Or would you go into a swimming pool and still want to chat on Whatsapp Messenger? Some smartphone manufacturers add this features just to get attention or attract the (too careful with their smartphones) group of people.

All the same,  these are some of the best smartphones with water resistance/water proof features, dust proof and scratch resistant body.

  1. The Samsung Galaxy S7
  2. S7 Active and S7 edge
  3. Motorola Droid Turbo 2
  4. Sony Xperia Z
  5. Xperia X
  6. Samsung Galaxy Active
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  8. CAT S60
  9. Motorola G4 G4 Plus
  10. Kyocera DuraForce XD

Best Smartphones With High level of Security – Biometric Fingerprint, Iris and Retina Scanners/Sensors


Smartphones are getting more close to us than our fellow human beings as time passes. A survey showed that 85 percent of smartphone users can’t spend a whole day without touching their phones. With this, the need arises for great security measures or features like Fingerprint and Iris Scanners to be built into smartphones. Most oems or top phone manufacturers have now understood how important this aspect is to their customers.

Biometric Scanners on phones are either on budget friendly or high-end smartphones and the speed or accuracy depends on the category it belongs. We are going to see the best smartphones with either a Fingerprint sensor or an Iris Scanner.
Since 2011 when the Motorola Atrix became the first smartphone with a Fingerprint sensor, followed by Apple in their IPhone 5s, then HTC joined the list, Samsung Galaxy S5 and a whole lot of others followed.

Here’s our list of just the best smartphones with Fingerprint Sensor.

  1. Lenovo Vibe K3
  2. Lenovo Vibe P1
  3. Tecno Phantom 6
  4. Tecno Phantom 6 Plus
  5. Oukitel K6000 Pro
  6. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
  7. LG V10
  8. Meizu Pro 6
  9. CoolPad Note 3
  10. Elephone P8000
  11. Elephone P9000
  12. LG G5
  13. Honor 7
  14. Huawei Mate S
  15. Google Nexus 5X
  16. Google Nexus 6P
  17. Lenovo K4 Note
  18. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  19. Xiaomi Mi5
  20. Xiaomi Redmi 3S
  21. OnePlus 2
  22. Samsung Galaxy A5(2016)
  23. HTC 10
  24. HTC One M9+
  25. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  26. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 4 Edge
  27. Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus
  28. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
  29. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  30. Huawei Ascend Mate 7
  31. Motorola Moto G+ 4th Gen
  32. LeEco Le1s
  33. LeEco Le2
  34. Vivo X6
  35. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus
  36. Gionee M2017

Here’s our list of just the best smartphones with Iris Scanners.

Iris or Retina Scanners aren’t as popular as the fingerprint sensors on smartphones. Although they are more accurate but expensive. Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G was the first smartphone to spot an Iris recognition Scanner. After a while, Vivo(Chinese manufacturer) followed partnering with Eyeverify.  Let’s take a look at the smartphones with these rare but advanced security add-on.

  1. Fujitsu NX F-04G
  2. Alcatel-Lucent Idol 3
  3. Tecno Phantom 6
  4. Tecno Phantom 6 Plus
  5. ZTE Grand S3
  6. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
  7. Vivo X5 Pro
  8. Tecno Camon C9
  9. Tecno Camon C7
  10. Umi Iron
  11. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Android fails alot when it comes to security while IOs takes the lead. Some oems have made their smartphones very secured. Apart from fingerprint and iris/retina scanners, they are also smartphones with very advanced security features. They could be tagged “the most secured android smartphones”. Although these security conscious android smartphones are expensive.

So lets see the list of the most secured android smartphones.

  • Sectors Edge- is one of the most secured devices for private industry and government use. The device, created by General dynamics, is certified by NSA and is widely used by the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.
  • Boeing Black- Created by aerospace and defense giant Boeing, comes with high-end security features, encrypted data transmission to both classified and unclassified networks. The phone has a self-destruct feature which makes it deactivate itself if tempered with.
  • Blackphone 2- Enterprise ready Android phone with powerful security features like encrypted calls and sms, remote locking and wiping etc. The Blackphone 2 with PrivatOs 1.1 promises security without compromise.
  • BlackBerry(SecureVoice)- BlackBerry has one of the most secured emailing services. That’s why it’s the choice of so many business/enterprise personels.
  • Srin Labs Solarin- Is one of the most expensive smartphones out there. It cost about $16,000. The Android based Solarin combines high end security features,  faster operation and is crafted with the best materials ever for advanced security. The device uses a snapdragon 810 cpu with support for 24 LTE networks. It also has a 23.8mp, 5.5 inches IPS Display with 2K resolution screen.
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