Infocus Stock ROMs / Firmware Download

Infocus Android Stock ROMs/Firmware Download

Below is a collection of a good number of Infocus Official Firmwares.

You can download and flash your Infocus device to upgrade the firmware, fix boot loop, hanging problem, restart and a whole lot of other software issues.

Download and flash only the firmware for your Infocus device.

Flashing a wrong firmware will brick your device.

If you couldn’t find a firmware for your Infocus device here, just drop a comment and we would add the firmware link as soon as possible.

Collection Of  Infocus Android Stock Firmwares

  • Infocus S1 (S1_G90-2016-0-0603-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M210 (H1M-407E-0-06TW-A03) – Download
  • Infocus M260  – Download
  • Infocus M310 (M310-0180-0-15CN-A01) (extract password: 59cb) – Download
  • Infocus M320 / M320e (D70-438R-0-15TW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M330 (D77-438T-0-00WW-A04) – Download
  • Infocus M350/M350e (G30-5160-0-00WW-A02) – Download
  • Infocus M370 (FAO-2100-0-00WW-A02-1120-0-00WW-A01) 6.0 Marshmallow – Download
  • Infocus M370 (FAO-1120-0-00WW-A01-017C-0-00WW-A02) – Download
  • Infocus M370i (FAO-2100-0-00WW-A02-1120-0-00WW-A01) (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) – Download
  • Infocus M370i (FAO-1160-0-00WW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M370i (FAO-1120-0-00WW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M510t (TID-2260-0-00WW-A03-2230-0-00WW-A02) – Download
  • Infocus M510 / M511 (MC2-2280-0-06TW-A01-2260-0-06TW-A02) – Download
  • Infocus M512 (MC2-2260-0-15CN-A02-2200-0-15CN-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M518 (MC2-2280-0-05TW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M550 3D (ZD1-024S-0-00WW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M530 (G20-433D-0-00WW-A02) – Download
  • Infocus M535 (G40-026Q-0-00WW-A04) – Download
  • Infocus IN610 – Download
  • Infocus M680 (G42-121F-0-00CN-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M680 WorldWide Version (G42-121E-0-00WW-A02) – Download
  • Infocus M680 (G42-627K-0-00WW-A05) – Download
  • Infocus M680 (G42-627G-0-00WW-A04) – Download
  • Infocus M812 (VN2-511B-0-00WW-A01-509A-0-00WW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M808 (ZM1-518H-0-00WW-A04) – Download
  • Infocus M810 (VNA-416C-0-00WW-A01-416B-0-00WW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus IN810 (VKY-5200-0-15WW-A02-5180-0-15WW-A03) – Download
  • Infocus IN815 (VK3-5200-0-00WW-A02-5180-0-00WW-A03) – Download
  • Infocus M2 3G (G10-019S-0-00WW-A02) – Download
  • Infocus M2 / M2+ (LSO-2310-0-00WW-A02-2170-0-00WW-A01) – Download
  • Infocus M5S Android Nougat 7.0 – Download
  • Infocus Epic 1 (Infocus_Epic_1_TSP-1280-0-00IN-A02)Android 6.0 – Download
  • Infocus Epic 1 (Infocus_Epic_1_TSP_1210_0_00IN_A02)Android 6.0 – Download

How To Flash Stock Firmware To Infocus Android


After downloading the exact stock firmware of your Infocus device, here is how to flash it.

Method 1

  1. Connect your Infocus device via USB cable to the computer, and enable MTP mode (Settings → Storage → Options (Top right corner) → USB computer connection → Check the media device (MTP)
  2. Copy the downloaded firmware package to the root directory of your phone sdcard, not in a folder.
  3. Dial this code * # * # 874 # * # *  on your Infocus android device and click Enter.
  4. Your Infocus device will start installing the firmware package. On the pop up screen, click “understand and agree” then select “Install Now
  5. You now have to wait for the update or firmware package to install completely and successfully. Donot try to shut down the device or remove the battery so as not to brick your device.
  6. Done, reboot device to complete.
  7. Please Note: If your device is encrypted, please perform a factory reset before flashing stock firmware.

Method 2

  1. After downloading the firmware for your exact Infocus device from the list above, rename it to and copy it to your SD (Memory card) via USB cable or card reader.
  2. Insert the memory card into your phone, and boot into recovery mode by using Volume and power button combos.
  3. In recovery, select the from your Micro SD Card and wait for the installation/flashing process to complete.
  4. Please Note, you should not restart the phone or remove the battery until the installation process is complete.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you can now reboot device.
  6. It might take a while to boot up but your device should be up and running smoothly at the end.

How To Flash .nb0/ffu Firmware Package To Infocus.


If the Infocus firmware is in .nb0 or .ffu file format, click here

Got issues, please drop a comment.


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