Google Translate App, A Great Tool For Webmasters And Bloggers

Google Translate App, A Great Tool For Webmasters And Bloggers

Google has really been helpful in nearly every area when its comes to tech. In the area of  Web Search, Google has the upper hand with their Google search engine which is actually my favourite.

Apart from the search feature that they are mostly known for, Google also has other products like Google, Chrome, Bookmarks, Mobile, Maps for mobile, Search for mobile, Google Apps for Work, AdSense, AdMob, Books, Image Search, NewsVideo Search, Google Photos, Google Cardboard, MapsEarth, Custom Search, Scholar, Trends, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Sites, CalendarTranslate, Google+Blogger, Groups and Hangouts.


All these are wonderful tools that cover both our social needs, office or business, geo, mobile, media, play, finance and search. Great collection, isn’t it?


Well, I am going to talk more on Google Translate which is so indispensable to a keen webmaster or blogger.


How do you cope with visitors from unfamiliar locations, speaking foreign languages?

I have seen forums and sites online where foreign visitors come, read what’s there(maybe by translating it), then comment using their own language. But, no one replies.

The comments just hang there without attention. While the webmaster/blogger replies those in English or the language he understands, anything unrelated is skipped.

But to be candid, it isn’t fair and wouldn’t increase your site’s returning visitors.

Here is where Google Translate fits in.

Features of Google Translate


  1. Just speak the words and you will get instant translations for your desired language or the more than 50 available languages.
  2. Take a picture of a write-up in an unfamiliar language and get it translated.
  3. There’s also the handwriting feature that enables you to write what your keyboard doesn’t support by default.
  4. By just typing or copy/paste the text or comments to get their translations.
  5. It automatically detects the language of the text so you don’t just get the translations but also the language.

Since most webmasters/bloggers are always close to their Android Smartphones, Google Translate should be among your G-Apps.

It supports both offline and online usage. Like Google rightly said, 

The translate app is like having a personal interpreter in your pocket.

I always find it so interesting when replying to comments from foreign visitors in my blog. It makes them feel so comfortable with you and they will always feel very free to drop more comments.

And you know how important comments are when it comes to Search engine optimisations. I wish everyone, webmaster or blogger should start enjoying the outright benefits of Google Translate.

Here is a screenshot of when I recently used Google Translate.

A user commented on my blog post in a language I don’t understand. I immediately copied the text via my phone, Google Translate appeared and I tapped on it to get the translation.

Download Google Translate App Bloggers Webmasters
Google Translate App Bloggers Webmasters

As you can see above, replying was so easy. I just typed in English, instantly got the translation and then replied immediately using the same language. Isn’t that cool?



  • Download and install Google Translate5.0.0.RC24.121993595 APK directly from here or from Google playstore.
  • You can set your primary language and the language you translate most often in the settings tab.
  • To make it more interactive, in Settings, select and enable Tap To Translate. 
  • In the next screen, tap on permit drawing over other apps. This will enable Google Translate icon to show up at the top of your screen whenever you copy a text.
With Google Translate in your phone, you can always break language barriers and wouldn’t hesitate to reply to comments in any language. 


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