Fix Upgrade/Research Download Shows Waiting During Flashing

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Have you ever tried to flash a Spreadtrum Android phone like an itel, Mhorse, MBO etc and instead of the phone to start flashing, it boots up, starts charging and shows waiting in the Upgrade/Research Download Screen?


Many people sometimes conclude its the drivers, the phones fault or the PC and finally stop the flashing.

Actually, there might be other reasons apart from the major one which I will mention later.

Some of the causes of this issue with Spreadtrum android phones charging and showing waiting on the Research Download screen are:

Bad USB Cable

Bad Usb cable in spd flashing showing waiting

A bad USB cable is like a leaking roof, instead of the water to flow down freely, it stops and leaks off. Using a bad USB cable will always result in errors.

Even if the phone connects and the flashing begins, it might break on the way which isn’t good at all. So, use original USB cables.

Bad USB Port

Spreadtrum device not flashing, showing waiting in Upgrade Download

The USB Port of your spreadtrum phone is the gateway to and from your phones system.

Having a faulty one would lead to errors and might even cause electrical damages. Make sure the USB port is clean, firm and working properly.

Low Battery

Spreadtrum device not flashing, showing waiting in Upgrade Download

Using a low battery while flashing your spd powered phone is like trying to use Nokia BL 4C batteries on an Itel 1702 phone.

Even if it powers it, it wont go a long way at all.

Its always recommended that you charge your battery to at least 50% before using during flashing.

So, whats next? Check the battery level.


Bad Battery Connector

Spreadtrum device not flashing, showing waiting in Upgrade Download

The battery connectors play a vital role in the flashing process. That’s where the whole electrical power enters to keep the phone steady.

Make sure they are okay by cross checking it.

Finally, this is the main point of everything I have been talking about.

In case you are sure everything is working well, then follow this short alternative.


Upgrade/Research Waiting Error Fix


Like so many other phones, Spreadtrum phones usually need a boot key or combo to enable the computer detect it.

This combo is just to press Volume Up or sometimes Volume Down before connecting the phone via USB to the PC.

Without this combo, nothing will work. It will just power on, charge very well and display waiting on the flashtool screen.

In this regard, having faulty volume buttons can make the PC not to recognize the device properly. Since most of these devices use flex in the volume and power controls, here is a fix.



Before proceeding, try to power the phone and see if the volume buttons are working. If not, proceed.


  • Carefully dismantle the phone and get access to the volume buttons, where its soldered on the panel.
Fix Spreadtrum Android Phones That Charge And Show Waiting In Upgrade/Research Download.
  • Use a soldering iron or metal (if convenient) to bridge the volume up or down button directly on the phone’s panel.
spd waiting upgrade research download
  • Now connect the phone to the PC via the USB cable. It should now connect and flashing will begin. If it doesn’t, check the connections or try the other volume button.
  • After flashing, you can now disconnect the bridge in the volume buttons.

 How To Easily Connect SPD For Flashing


Most times when we connect SPD phones to be flashed via Research download or any box, the phone usually turns on even after pressing the Volume up/Down/Boot keys.

Both SPD Android and feature phones like Itel 5020 etc usually behave this way.


Well I mostly do this and that gets the phone connected immediately


  • Make sure Spreadtrum USB drivers are properly installed.
  • Make sure you know the boot key (Volume buttons, Call button etc)
  • Remove the battery(if it’s easily removable)
  • Connect the USB to the phone and click on the button to start the flashing process.
  • Now hold the boot key before slotting in the battery.
  • The flashing process will begin almost immediately if the drivers are installed and the correct boot key is held down.

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