How to protect your blog posts from content scrapers/copiers

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How does it feel when your hours of work researching, writing and proof-reading gets leeched without any token of appreciation like link back to your blog or an acknowledgement?

I know it feels so bad and makes you feel exhausted or working tirelessly for someone else.

This mostly happen to newbies in the blogging world. They tend to focus more on their contents(which is pretty good) but forget about security measures.

I have been a victim and it really hurts when all your unique contents are being leeched and the thief even ranks higher in search engines more than you.

Now the most used tweaks to steal or scrape posts from sites is via RSS. RSS which is used by so may sites to automatically publish their updates to readers is now a very good tool for content scrapers.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs which get updated on RSS feed aggregation and pure plagiarism.

Whether your site has a huge reputation in search engines or not, getting scraped by leechers is like a parasite in your blog which will increase the competition and might even outrank your blog in several posts.

RSS is really the most used means to scrape or copy contents, I am going to let you know how to stay safe from content copiers starting with RSS.


Simple Tips To Protect Your Content From Theft/Content scrapers

Make your blogger blog RSS feeds partial/shorter

If your blog has an RSS feed, by default, subscribers will always receive a full update from your site. They won’t need to open your blog directly to see the post because its already there in full.

Now using this avenue, content scrapers will just receive the full juice from your blog and then repost it immediately. To stay on the safe side, follow this steps to make your feeds shorter/partial.

  • Goto blogger dashboard and click on settings.
  • Goto others.
  • Move down to allow blog feed under site feed, click on the drop-down box and change it to short.
  • You can also set it to custom and make everything short. With this, content scrapers will be marred.


From WordPress dashboad,

  1. Settings
  2. Reading
  3. For each article in a feed, show – Summary
  4. Save changes.


Use a WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

This WordPress plugin is useful if you are using the standalone WordPress software.

The plugin has a feature that allows you to add some code to your RSS feed so that if your post is republished elsewhere, then an automatic link pointing back to your website will be inserted.

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Like I earlier said, some blogs use scraper software to automatically steal and publish content from the web.

If your blog URL is added to their scraper script, then you’ll at least get a link back via this plugin. At least even if there is no credit to you, your link will be there.

Make use of Tynt service.

Tynt is a service that provides code for you to insert into your web pages and it will also tell you how many times your content has been copied and pasted.
When someone copies and pastes your content, TYNT will add a link back to your website.


Disable Right-click in WordPress


WordPress Copyright protection plugin is a very simple install and activate plugin that will start working immediately.

With this wordpress plugin on your blog, copying of text on your blog would be impossible.

Using this plugin might reduce your user experience if your blog has some codes or text users visitors might need to copy. So, use it with caution.


Build a good off page reputation for your blog

Building a good reputation in your blogging niche will give you better and faster indexing of all your posts. Content copiers will have to strive the more just to outrank you.

Building a good off page seo isn’t easy but will save you from the adverse effects of content thieves. Always add all the necessary ingredients to your posts like internal links, images, videos etc before publishing it.

You can get good off page seo by creating unique, valuable and content-rich articles or posts.

Copying from other blogs wont help at all. Doing this consistently with search engine optimization in mind will give you a firm reputation in your blogging niche.

Add Backlinks to your posts

Since most content leechers don’t always give credits to the original authors, getting good backlinks is a good idea. You can use the WordPress Ink plugin to help you get good backlinks from content copiers.

How does this plugin work? Whenever someone copies anything from your site and paste it somewhere else, the plugin automatically generates a custom acknowledgement or link back to the original post.

This plugin is also like Tynt script service which gives you free backlinks for your copied contents.

Add a DMCA protection badge

Howbto protect your content from scrapers and auto copying sites

Finally, adding a DMCA protection badge on your site scare away content copiers. Make sure you are verified so that you can file a DMCA takedown against any stubborn content scraper once a year(DMCA free mode)

I hope all these might help against content copiers and scrapers that are making you feel bad about your rankings or contents circulation. Just try any of the above and see how it works. Stay safe.


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