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The Nokia 206 is a very nice entry level phone from Nokia. It has internet capabilities, Bluetooth enabled, Slam sharing, support Whatsapp, 1.3mp camera plus video recording and lot more.

If you are using the Nokia 206, you might be experiencing internet issues with the phone. It hurts especially when you need to update your whatsapp.

Since its so popular, I have been receiving complaints about the internet issues on the nokia 206. Even though the configuration settings are correct, its always giving link not available or check settings and so on.

After trying so many things, I finally solved it my own way. If you have another method(maybe easier) you can let us know.

Fix Internet Browser Issue On Nokia 206


*Make sure your internet connection settings are okay*
*Download the flashfile that matches to your phone’s model*
  1. Download Nokia Infinity best 2.07 cracked flashtool
  2. Download Nokia 206 rm 873 flashfile v4.51 and unpack it.
  3. Download Nokia 206 rm 872 latest flash file v4.52 or  [v7. 98(MCUPPMCNT)]
  4. Download Nokia connectivity cable drivers latest version
  5. Install the drivers on your PC
  6. Launch Nokia best tool 2.07.exe file inside the cracked folder.
  7. Select MCU-PPM-CNT from the downloaded Nokia 206 flashfile folder.
  8. Flash the phone.
  9. After Flashing, power it on with your preferred SIM card.
  10. When the phone is up, confirm firmware version by dialling *#0000#.
  11. Now goto Settings, Date and time.
  12. Set the date to 25-05-2013 or any date, but use 2013 as year.
  13. Set Auto update of time and date to Comfirm first.
  14. Save everything and then open your Nokia store.
  15. It will ask you to update. Accept all you see apart from date settings.
  16. After completing the update, you can open it to download operamini and other compatible java applications.
  17. You can as well use your nokia 206 browser to surf the net.
  18. Just follow the same instructions.


Now you can enjoy your nokia 206, Update WhatsApp and lots more.

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