Fix Unable To Send Message On Android Phones Plus All Network Message Center Number

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Fix Unable To Send Message And All Network Message Center Number On Android Phones.

It’s so annoying when you are unable to send messages with your Android phone. No matter what you do, you keep getting the response

Message Not Sent”


I havent had such issues with my Android phone. It was when I was still using a Nokia Symbian phone. As always, the solution was just to goto the Message settings and change the message center number. That’s it!

But, it becomes a little bit difficult on Android especially the new OS versions. I personally could not send messages on my both sims for about two days.
It was really frustrating.  The issue was where to find the message center number and then replace it. After doing some check on my phone, I found a very simple solution to the Message failing to send issue.

“Lets ride on!”

Fix Unable to send message/Message Sending Failed


  • Just dial *#*#4636#*#* It will bring up the Android test menu.
Sms center number On Android Phones.
  • Select Phone Information.
  • Scroll down to “SMSC
Fix Unable To Send Message On Android Phones Plus All Network Message Center Number
  • Refresh it to retrieve the message center number from the network or directly enter the Message Center Number that corresponds to your Network provider in the space after the SMSC.
  • Then select update.
Below is a list of all the major network providers in Nigeria and their Message Center Number.

Message Centre Number For MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT AND GLO.


  1. For MTN, the Message Centre Number is +234803000000
  2. For Airtel, the Message Centre Number is +2348020000009
  3. For Etisalat, the Message Center Number is +2348090001518
  4. For Globacom, the Message Centre Number is +2348050001501
  • Just copy your preferred message center number and fill it in the space, then select update.
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