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Sending apps, data (music, videos, photos, documents, etc.) are one of the easiest things to do and enjoy if you are using an Android device

You can send a few things via Bluetooth, Facebook, Messenger, BBM etc., but the speed is always an issue. If you have been using anything else to help you share and also receive apps/data on your Android, I have some fresh news for you.

XENDER is a kind re-branded version of Flash share. Although there are two different apps, but they have the same functions with slight UI changes.

If you have been using your Bluetooth or infrared to transfer apps and data, you are not getting the most out of your android phone [WiFi enabled] and you will definitely know how it feels to be on the fast track.

Gone are the days when Flashshare was a necessity and the only alternative to transfer to and from an Android device with very high speed. These days, app developers are bent on bringing the best to Android.

After downloading and testing so many of them, none were able to deliver as much as Xender did. Let me tell give you reasons why you should try Xender today and always.


It’s fresh, simple, colorful and pretty fast


What I love most in this new version is the way it shares the Xender to another device. If your friend’s phone doesn’t have Xender, you can easily share it to his/her phone and both of you will be able to share for one another. To share Xender, click on the options and select Bluetooth or Wifi share to share the app.

The receiver opens his WiFi and connects to yours, goes to his browser, enter the web address shown on your Xender’s screen into his browser, the app will download within seconds and he or she is ready to share or receive with lightning speed. A fresh UI will warmly greet him/her.


Features of Xender App


  • Xender app requires No USB, no internet connection, and no data usage!  It’s just so cost free.
  • With Xender, you can transfer almost everything on your phone e.g. files, pictures, music, videos, cross-platform and even apps!
  • Xender app is extremely fast and would always be. Just imagine sending your party video to friends in just a matter of seconds. Try that with Bluetooth and you would run to Xender.
  • Sharing to more than a friend is possible. Xender app supports group sharing to up to 4 devices. That makes it social friendly.
  • If you want to transfer to any other OS, it’s not going to be an issue. Cross-platform transfer and sharing between Android and IOS devices, phone to PC/MAC are just very possible.
  • Connects your phone to any PC/MAC – even other people’s, anywhere!
  • No need to install any software on PC/MAC.
  • Support off-line mode with high transfer speed and no internet is needed!

Okay, you have probably heard a lot about Xender, it’s time to install it on your phone.
You can download the all new Xender app from Google playstore

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