Remove Pattern/Pin Lock Without Losing Userdata On Itel Spreadtrum Androids

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[Image:Remove Pattern/Pin Lock Without Losing Userdata On Itel Spreadtrum Androids]

You might be wondering if its possible to get back into your locked smartphone without actually factory resetting or flashing it.

Well, its very possible. I have been in situations where factory resetting the phone will cause alot of issues because of the data in the phone.

So I thought of what to do and then this pretty trick came into my mind. After implementing it the first time, its now my most used technique to remove lock on Itel and other spreadtrum phones without losing any of its user data.

I am going to explain it in detail so you wont miss anything. But before then, you might check out this on how to remove pattern lock without flashing your phone. But in this case, your user data will be erased.



  1. Download Screenlock Reset and save the apk file in your PC – Download
  2. Download Moborobo Pc app and intall it on your PC – Download
  3. Power off your Spreadtrum phone ( e.g Itel, Mbo, BML etc ) 
  4. Press down both volume up and power button together. 
  5. Release the both buttons after about 5 seconds or when the screen lights up. It will bring up the test mode screen. 
  6. Open settings via the drop down notifications panel 
  7. Go to your About phone and enable developer options. In developer options, enable USB debugging. 
  8. Allow Installation from unknown sources under security settings. 
  9. Now open the ScreenlockReset apk in your pc via Moborobo. 
  10. Connect your spreadtrum android to your Pc and click on Install in Moborobo. 
  11. Select MTP Usb mode if its available. When the Moborobo daemon is installed on your phone, the LockReset app will be installed next. It will show completed in the Moborobo window. 
  12. Now go back to your settings menu and open the Apps section. Scroll to All Apps and find the ScreenlockReset app. 
  13. Click on it, select Go to App
  14. The App will open.
How to remove pattern or pin lock without losing user data.
Tap on ScreenLock Reset.

How to remove pattern or pin lock without losing user data.
Select yes and the process will be done. Your phone’s lock pattern will be removed without deleting user data. Got issues? Please use the comment box.

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