How To Change IMEI Of Tecno Boom J8

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Now that the Tecno Boom J8 is out and rocking in so many users hands, its time to continue enjoying the benefits of using a MediaTek powered phone.

If you have used or heard about the Glo 3gb BIS on Android, you will surely confess that it’s one of the most used tweaks to enjoy more data on your MediaTek powered Android phone which the new Boom J8 from Tecno is not an exception.

There are two methods, which ever works for you, roll with it.


How To Change IMEI Of Tecno Boom J8 And Use Glo 3GB BB Sub  [/su_heading]


First of all and very important, you must root your Tecno J8 before proceeding. Here is how to root Tecno Boom J8. 

  • Copy down any of the generated IMEI. You can generate as much as you can.
  • Open the ToolHero app and select Engineering Mode 
Toolhero image glo bb cheat
  • Now select Super engineering mode.
  • Tap on Connectivity, select CDS information and then Radio information.
  • Select either Phone 1 or Phone 2 which is the same thing as Sim 1 or Sim 2.
  • Now you will see an AT+ written at the top, tap the end, press any letter and then erase it. Some options will pop up.
  • Depending on your sim, select EGMR=1,7,”” which is for Sim 1 or EGMR=1,10,”” which is for SIM 2.
  • Now, insert the blackberry IMEI you generated in between the quotes “”  E.g EGMR=1,7,Here is where your BB IMEI should be”  EGMR=1,7,”35453456789000000″
  • Now after typing the IMEI, select SEND COMMAND.
Note:: If it says Command not accepted in user build, please insert a space after the AT+

Now reboot your phone for the changes to take effect. To check your android phone’s new IMEI, dial *#06#




If your Tecno J8 is rooted and with a Blackberry IMEI, you can get 3gb of data valid for 1 month on Glo. Cost price is now N1400. If you ask me, I think its okay instead of buying 1gb data for 1k. Here is how to get 3gb data on Glo..
  • If you changed the IMEI of Sim 1, put the Glo Sim there and vice versa.
  • Load a recharge of just N1, 400 and confirm it.
  • Go to Messaging, send COMONTH or BBCMONTH to 777
  • You will receive a reply informing you that you have been given 3gb of data which will last for 1month.
  • Go to your mobile network, in access point name (Glo Sim), create a new access point as shown in the image below.
    Glo bb 3gb data plan apn settings image
  • Save and activate it.
  • Turn your data connection on.  You can now be surfing with the 3GB from Glo.

Change IMEI Chamelephon To Change IMEI Of Tecno Boom J8


  • Install Chamelephon app from Google Playstore, Open it after installation.
  • Grant Chamelephon Super User privileges by tapping Grant
Change Infinix hot 2 Android 6.0 imei
  • You should now be on the home screen.
  • Input the correct IMEI Numbers (on the back of the phone after taking out the battery) or copy and paste the generated blackberry IMEI and click Apply New IMEIs.
  • Once prompted to confirm changing of IMEI, tap Change
Chamelephon infinix hot 2 imei change
  • Reboot the phone.

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