How To Reset Forgotten Pattern On Tecno Y6 SPD Clone

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The rate at which cloned phones are flooding the market is really becoming alarming. Most of these cloned spreadtrum or mediatek phones mimic the original and look genuine.

Most of the popular smartphones do have a perfect clone. E.g of phones with cloned versions are Android One Infinix X510, Infinix X551, Tecno M3, M5, Nokia XL, Samsung Galaxy phones, Iphones, HTCs, Sony Xperias etc.

This clone manufacturers are targeting the really hot and trending smartphones so as to sell faster and in larger markets.

Please be careful when buying any popular smartphone because the clones are everywhere and might get into your hands without your knowledge.

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Back to the real thing. If you have a clone Tecno Y6 SPD(Spreadtrum) and it’s actually locked due to wrong pin or pattern attempts, you can factory reset it using the short tutorial am going to show you.

This tutorial will only work on the ‘Tecno Y6 Spreadtrum Clone’ with the following specs:

  • Tecno Y6
  • Manufacturer: Spreadtrum(Spd)
  • Hardware: 8810/6820
  • Android version: 4.4.2
  • Id: Mocordroid 2.3.5

If you are sure yours is a cloned Tecno Y6, click on this tutorial to learn how to remove pattern, pin or password lock on spreadtrum Tecno Y6.


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