How To Flash .bin Firmware Files To Mediatek Devices

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If you are always searching for ROMs on the internet to unbrick or just flash your MTK phone, then you must have stumbled upon .bin file formats.

Most rare or not so easy to find ROMs for MTK devices are sometimes available in .bin format.

It’s not like this file format is corrupt or something else, but they were originally read(read back) via flashing boxes like volcano box, Miracle box etc. So those with flashing boxes will be familiar with this bin file issue.

Since SP flashtool does not support .bin file format but .txt scatter files, you might really go with the bin file. Maybe that .bin file firmware could practically resurrect your phone.

So, if you just downloaded a firmware file in .bin format, don’t delete it yet, there is a wayout. Now that you are aware of the possibility of using the .bin files, lets roll


How To Flash .bin Firmware Files To MTK Devices

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  • Download and install Mediatek USB VCOM Drivers if you haven’t done that.
  • Download Miracle Box 2.27a or Miracle Eagle Eye cracked with loader and follow the steps to install it on your PC.
Miracle Box 2.27A Without Box – Download
Rar Password : bdjakriztek
  • Launch the Miracle box cracked loader which is inside the folder and click on the MTK tab.
  • Now click on Service under MTK.
To flash .bin file launch miracle box software, click mtk tab wite select .bin file
  • Click on Write.
  • Under Boot select, Choose 4th boot(Auto Connect) or 8th Boot.
  • Click on the folder icon under Format(Android) and locate the .bin file.
How To Flash .bin firmware files to Mediatek devices select the .bin file
  • Click on the file and then select Open.
  • The .bin file will be loaded and ready.
How To Flash .bin firmware files to Mediatek devices
  • Make sure USBCable is selected. Click on Start Button.
  • Remove and reinsert the phone’s battery(if it’s user removable), then connect the phone to the PC via a good USB cable. You might need to press some keys (bootkey) depending on your smart phone.
  • Flashing process will begin and will take sometime depending on the size of the partitions in the .bin file.
flasshing bin file to MTK android device process
How to flash .bin file types to mediatek phones
  • Please do not interrupt the flashing process to avoid issues with your MTK phone.
  • Now you can conveniently download and flash MTK firmware that are in .bin file formats.

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