How To Fix Itel 1503 Display Issue After Flashing

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If you are reading this post, it’s either you have already flashed an Itel 1503 and after the firmware was flashed, you find out that the display is blank, black, white or with stripes.

This mostly happens when the LCD driver in the firmware is incompatible with the phone’s hardware. As time goes on, manufacturers usually reintroduce older smartphones into the market with some very slight changes which might include the device’s display drivers or parts.

Like in MTK phones, flashing a wrong LK.bin will also cause display issues.  It is always recommended that you have a backup of your stock firmware before flashing another.

Who knows, you might be the only one with such a phone (::


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The display error on the Itel 1503 is as a result of flashing the newer Itel 1503 (2016 version) with the older Itel 1503 (2015 version) firmware.

If you are experiencing this issue, below is a fix that won’t only reverse the display issue but will also upgrade your Itel 1503 to Itel 1508 which looks better.

How To Fix Itel 1503 Display Issue After Flashing

  • Download this Itel 1508 IT1508-V160-201602023 stock ROM and extract the contents to your desktop Download
  • Flash the firmware using Research Download Tool. SPD firmware flashing tutorial can be found here.
  • After flashing, your Itel 1503 should be up with a new UI.



This firmware will only work on the new Itel 1503, 2016 build. If you have the 2015 build, use the older firmware. To know your build time, check in About Phone or look at the battery, you should find it there.

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