Download Timmy Stock ROMs / Firmwares

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Below is a collection of Timmy Stock ROMs and their download links.

If you need to upgrade/reload the firmware of your Timmy smartphone, fix software issues like hanging, virus infection, slow operation, application errors, boot loop, proper unrooting etc, you can download and flash it to your specific Timmy device.

To download the firmware, click on the appropriate link.

If you need any assistance, kindly use the comment box at the end of this post.

Download Timmy Stock ROMs / Firmwares

Model/Firmware version Download Links
Timmy E82 Download
Timmy E128 Download
Timmy_M9_MT6582_20150121_4.4.2 Download
Timmy_M9_MT6582_20151020_4.4.2 Download
Timmy_M9_MT6582_20170623_4.4.2 Download
Timmy_M12_MT6580_R1_20160120_5.1 Download
Timmy_M12_MT6580_R2_20160905_5.1 Download
Timmy_M13_MT6580_20160415_5.1 Download
Timmy M13 Pro Download
Timmy M16 Download
Timmy M20 Download
Timmy M20 Pro Download
Timmy M21 Download
Timmy M28 Download
Timmy_M39_MT6737M_I3700.A90.OYA.A.A-Y6B1130_R2_6.0 Download
Timmy_M39_MT6737M_I3700.A90.OYA.A.A.A-Y6B1215_R1_6.0. Download
Timmy_M40_MT6580_R1_20170724_6.0 Download
Timmy_M40_MT6737M_R1_20170718_7.0 Download
Timmy M50 Download
Timmy T1 Download
Timmy_X9_MT6580_20160611_5.1 Download
Timmy_X9_MT6580_20170331_5.1 Download
Timmy_YS6_Pro_R1_MT6580_20160319_5.1 Download
Timmy_E128_MT6572_V013_20130916_4.2.2 Download
Timmy_YS6_Pro_R2_MT6580_20160405_5.1 Download

How To Flash Firmware To Your Timmy Smartphone

To flash the stock firmwares above, use the  the SPD firmware flashing guide, MTK Android firmware flashing tutorial or to use other flashing tools/methods, follow this smartphone flashtool guide.

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