Download Tecno Y6 SPD Stock Firmware

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Download Tecno Y6 SPD Stock Firmware


Clones, as the name implies are the copy/fake of the original. If you are reading this, you must have been looking for the stock firmware to unbrick or fix software issues on the clone of Tecno Y6.

Before flashing the firmware shared here, kindly do a backup of your device and confirm the specs of your device to match the ones here.


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The firmware for the Tecno Y6 Spreadtrum clone shared here is in .bin file format.

If you aren’t used to that, don’t worry, there’s a comprehensive tutorial at the post end to help you flash any of the cloned Y6 stock ROMs.

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Download Tecno Y6 SPD Stock Firmware (.bin)

Tecno Y68810_6820_Samsung K9K4G16Q0M – Download

Tecno Y68810_6820_TOSHIBA H8BCS0UN0MCR – Download


How To Flash .bin File To Your Clone Tecno Y6

To flash the firmware above, you only need to download the firmware, install Spreadtrum USB drives and use Miracle box to flash the firmware. All that is detailed in this post, how to flash .bin to Android devices.

If you have issues, please comment


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