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Having a smartphone isn’t everything. Installing the right apps will bring the best out of it. When it comes to downloading, everyone is involved.

You might want to download a song, an app from the web, a video or movie and any other downloadable file. It’s normal to use the downloader in our web browsers like Google Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox and the rest of them, and they actually work well.

Before proceeding, let me make you understand what a download manager is, or an Android download manager.

What is a download manager?

A download manager is an app(or a third party app) that basically takes care of downloads, adds more features like increased download speed, pause and resume capabilities and a very user friendly interface. Most download managers automatically intercept links and start processing the downloads.

Using a download manager is like using a photo editor app on your Android instead of the limited stock photo editor that is baked in the camera app. If you compare the features and possibilities in a third party photo editor, you will understand how good it’s to use a stand alone app for specific funtionalites.

I have personally tried different Android download managers and finally choosed one out of all. Well, I wouldn’t want you to try all of them, you just have to enjoy the very best download manager for your Android.

If you have a better alternative to the Android download manager I would recommend, you can let us know via the comments box.

If you haven’t used a download manager on your Android phone, it’s not so cool. It’s like using a Samsung i9300 that’s still running 4.1 in 2015.

That’s rare because there are a lot of stable, fast, and lovely custom roms for the galaxy s3. It also applies to every other phone thats being underestimated.

Let’s see;

Why you need a download manager on your Android

If you know what you stand to gain through something, you would probably use it. So let me give some important reasons why you should consider using a download manager on your Android phone.
  • The fastest way to download with your android powered device is by using a third party download manager.
  • A download manager specifically does the downloading and allows your browser do it’s job.
  • You can get detailed information about the file you aredownloading via a download manager.Like I said earlier, there are several download managers out there to choose from, but I will save you the time of testing by telling you the best download manager you could start using right now.


Best Download Manager For Android | ADM (Advanced Download Manager)Pro

Advanced Download Manager Pro is one of the most professional and advanced application management download.

I personally use it every day to download most of all my big files. The Download Manager is capable of downloading at the highest speed possible.

Features of Advanced Download Manager Pro

  1. Download up to three files simultaneously;
  2. Accelerated download by using multithreading (9 parts)
  3. Interception of links from browsers and clipboard
  4. Shows icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel;
  5. Backup list of downloads and settings on SD card;
  6. Completion notification by sound and vibration;
  7. Resume after reconnection or program restart;
  8. Save different file types in different folders;
  9. Built-in browser for sites with registration;
  10. Plan files download on a schedule;
  11. Widget on your home screen;
  12. Site manager;
  13. NO ADS
  14. Note :- ADM does not support YouTube under the rules of Google.
Download ADM Pro Download manager – Download

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