How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box

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As the name sounds, a backup is a copy of an original stuff(in our case, a firmware) which can be used to replace the original if lost, corrupted or no longer working. Having a backup of your MTK Android device is as important as charging your phone when it becomes low.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to backup any MTK device’s firmware(FP or SP) without too many codes or troubles. In case you are reluctant, let me tell you some reasons why you need to have a backup of your device.

Reasons why you should backup your MTK device stock firmware are:

A backup is like an after life, what ever happens to your device, you can restore it to normalcy with the backup.

  • You won’t download large files for your phone to fix firmware issues.
  • You can also use your backup on another phone of the same model.
  • Should in case your device gets infected by a malware via the internet or somewhere else, you can safely fix it.
  • You will feel comfortable with tweaking your Android to any level because you have something to fall back to in case something goes wrong.

If you aren’t convinced yet, check out – How To Fix Enable DRAM Failed On SP Flash Tool.


How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box


  1. Install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers if you haven’t done so.
  2. Download Miracle Box software latest version 2.48 if you have the box and dongle/key – Download
  3. Alternatively, you can use Miracle Box Cracked 2.27A which can work without the box itself and doesn’t require any network connection. – Download (Archive password – bdjakriztek )




  1. Launch the Miracle box via the shortcut on your desktop(Miracle box Truely For China Mobile) or the Loader.exe if you are using Miracle box cracked 2.27A.
  2. The Miracle box software should now load after a while with a lot of tabs like MTK, SPD, Qualcomm, CoolSand/RDA, Samsung, Huawei, Android, Mstar, Blackberry etc.
  3. Click on MTK, tick Read, and then select Save as scatter file. This is important because you will also get a scatter file.txt which will allow you flash the firmware via SP Flashtool or other compatible softwares. If you don’t tick save as scatter, the entire firmware backup will be in a single .bin format.
  4. Next Click on Start Button.How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box
  5. Miracle box will now display Waiting For USB port. This is the time to turn off your device or remove and reinsert the battery.How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box
  6. Connect your MTK device to the PC via a good USB data cable. On some phones like Oppo, you might press down either of the Volume buttons before connect the USB cable.
  7. Miracle box should now quickly detect your phone and will now pop up another screen with all the partitions and the files available for backup.How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box select partitions files
  8. You can mark all the files excluding USERDATA. If you just wish to backup the recovery or preloader or just the NVRAM, UBOOT, BOOT or whatever you wish,you can just mark them and then click on OK.
  9. Miracle box will now ask you to choose where you would like to save the backup. I would recommend you save it on your desktop for easy access.How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box
  10. Click the OK button when you are done.
  11. Backup should start immediately according to the partition files you earlier selected.How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box
  12. When the backup is done, you will see a success message at the end of the logs and the counter will be at 100%.How To Backup MTK(Mediatek) Device Firmware Via Miracle Box
  13. You can now go to the location you selected to save the backup which will contain all the files you selected and a scatter file too.
  14. And you just backed up you MediaTek phone’s firmware using Miracle box.


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