This Nokia Ringtone Will Make You Ditch Other Tones

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Hi there Android user, here’s one of those posts that you’ll need to get a seat and probably a nice cup of coffee. And yes, I smiled while saying that. 🙂

Quick question;

What comes to your mind when someone says ‘’Nokia’’?

Does it remind you of your first mobile device?

Or maybe what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘’Nokia’’ are super addictive games like the Snake II, Snake Xenzia, Pairs II, Bantumi, Space Impact, Rally 3D and blah blah blah.

Trust me, I was a pro at those games;

Forgetting about Nokia or its products is virtually impossible.


Bringing Back Sweet old Memories

Nokia ringtone that can rebrand your Android phone

One significant thing about Nokia is their boot image with shaking hands which reminds us that Nokia is bent on always connecting families and friends.

Let me quickly bring back an old memory;

Remember Nokia 3310? It’s one of the oldest, sturdy phones from Nokia with amazingly outstanding battery life.

Nokia’s line of devices ranges from the durable DCT3 and DCT4 phones like the Nokia 3310, 1280, 1208, 1600, the very popular BB5 / S40 phones that are data managing.

Okay, I am not done with bringing back good old memories…..Nope, Not yet.

Remember Nokia Symbian devices (S60), devices like the N90, N95, N80, E6, E7, N8………I could literally go on and on.

Back then, just hearing the name ‘’Nokia’’ would make you think of two things.

Feature phones or java phones and the more advanced S60 / Symbian phones.
Not until Nokia did a bad shift to try a new OS(Operating system) from Microsoft(Lumia) / Windows Phone OS.

After moving to Microsoft’s own OS because of the fierce competition from Android and Apple(iOS), Nokia wanted to remain unique while struggling with other mobile OS giants.

Well, like you might know, Nokia is back with both high-end and midrange devices which can directly give the big guys (time will tell) a fierce drift.


The Next Big Thing

As most people would know, Nokia is back and better with devices like the Nokia 6, Nokia 2, Nokia 8, Nokia 3, 5  and 7.


But what could be the NEXT BIG THING?

Trust me, I won’t tell you;

Just kidding, I will;

The next big thing is actually ‘’the resurrection of the iconic Nokia 3310, back and better in Android hybrid form.

Cool right?

Okay, After all that being said, It is time to pop up the big secret.

Fingers crossed;

Amazing Nokia Ringtone: The Big Secret


You might be wondering and saying to yourself;

‘’The Big secret is just a ringtone?’’

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, this is not just any ringtone, this ringtone could literally be tagged as #Tone_of_the_year for me.


I really can’t remember when or where I got this Amazingly fantastic ringtone from.

All I know is that I was going through my junk files on my personal computer when it hit me. And as a music lover, I couldn’t help but write about it.

And here you are reading about it; (Smiles)

This sweet melody won’t just serve as a ringtone for you, it would most likely, bring back amazing memories like it did for me.

Wait, what!

You own an Android phone and can’t use a Nokia ringtone?

Well, your Android deserves a unique and harmonious tone, and this tone is the best pick for your device.

I bet you, the next time your phone rings, all eyes and ears would be focused on you.

So you might be wondering,

What is his motive for posting this?

Well, the answer is a straight one.

1, I love good music.

And secondly;

2, Sharing this Nokia ringtone is my way of saying ‘’Welcome back Nokia’’.

Okay, this is the moment you have been waiting for…..

Below is the download link to the coolest Nokia ringtone you should use on all of your special smartphones.


I also found this interesting: The History of the Nokia Original Ringtone.



Feel free to share this post and drop your comments too, we’d love to know what you think about the Nokia Rebranded Tone


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